with added cross body strap

I have a dream… And a dream it shall remain, because my ambitious Q2 list is shorter by only one project. I did finish my Paparazzi bag and am using it regularly for my camera. I like that I can carry my camera, zoom lens, wallet and phone in one bag. I like the cross […]

You know how you feel you have lots of time, and you’re coasting along, having finished piecing your quilt plenty early, then all of a sudden you’re at the due date and you’re still putting the binding on? Yeah, I knew you would understand. This was another swap (#annamariahornerminiquiltswap, on Instagram) that really inspired me, […]

newly planted tomatoes

If you live in Southern Ontario or points nearby, you know that we have had lots of rain in June. I bought some Ontario strawberries at the grocery store on Thursday night, and the fruits and vegetables–and weeds–in my garden have been growing well. We have a pear tree with three different pear varieties in […]

Well, I could be finishing up my Q2 Finish-A-long list…but hey, let’s start a new quilt instead! I saw an invitation on instagram (dangerous, very dangerous) for the Yuma Quilt-along with Gotham Quilts, their newest pattern, and immediately fell in love. Triangles, nice big ones, and different scales to add interest…I am so excited to […]

quilting details

Today I am sharing a small yet very cute finish. I am an individual member of the Modern Quilt Guild, and one of my peers (Nina with Freckles) organized a mug rug swap with a spring theme. To me, spring means flowers, so I selected the Swedish Bloom pattern. The single flower motif is paper […]


Leaving this quilt (which is my creation for the annamariahornerminiquiltswap on instagram) for a couple of weeks to ponder the quilting was fruitful. One day, after scrolling through the latest lovelies on my instagram feed, I had an epiphany–big stitch quilting! And it’s amazingly fast too, this only took two days of commutes to work […]

bodice muslin take 1

Or call it Deja Vu, except I think I’ve used that title before.  I did get the muslin cut and sewn together for my summer dress since I last posted for ALYOF (a lovely year of finishes), so here is the unvarnished truth. The fabric is a traditional quilting cotton that I bought when I […]

Yes, I know, it’s not alliterative. But here it is anyway. I put together the top for my Anna Maria Horner mini quilt swap on instagram. This started with the purchase of the tri-recs rulers (since I had free shipping on Amazon anyway with my husband’s birthday present). Several sketches later, I pulled out a […]

a great price for these

A quick stop today to show you the latest additions to my sewing library. I had stopped into Chapters in Ajax to pick up some stationary and was thrilled to find an extensive sale section. Why Nancy, I would love you to come to stay at my house. And Handsewn is marvellous, some great patterns […]


is to not even put them away. This project started with the pretty scraps left over from a bee block (tutorial for the herringbone bee block is from Bijou Lovely). As I gazed at the pretty scraps, I loved the colour combination, so I started sewing them together and squaring up each section to 5″ […]


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