When it’s cold outside (-15 C ), it’s the perfect time to be sitting on the sofa under my Starbright quilt. I realized that the only time I was hand quilting it was on visits to the cottage, so this winter I put it beside the sofa and have continued to progress. I am using […]

I am doing better at finishing quilts. I think so anyway. In 2018, I started 3 quilts (Mandolin quilt from Tales of Cloth, Comfort Quilt from Amy Ellis, and Good Fortune mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter) and finished 5 quilts (Sugar Block Club, Summer Solstice, Comfort, Fall En Provence, Spooky Jack), and made progress on […]

I love the chain effect in this pattern. I was worried about the blue turning out too light but in fact the green is subtle, with the tiny little squares, but I think my colour changes worked out fairly well. Obviously if you were using a single background, the four patch in the centre of […]

One is good, right? I am actually working on a second but it’s a long shot. I decided to hand bind this quilt which always takes me a couple of weeks. I did get into a techniques/rhythm which did not cause my capital tunnel to flare up so the last section was fairly quick. I […]

As in, grade 7. Or was it grade 6? This school period was actually a big deal because we girls got equal time in the shop, making plastic key fobs, wooden cutting boards, and tin boxes. But when we were in the home ec(onomics) classroom, we were exposed to all sorts of domestic goodness, including […]

Before writing this post, I went back and reviewed the last two years (2017, 2016). Quite informative. Then I looked through my blog posts–wait, did I really finish 5 quilts this year? I’m going to use the same selection criteria because they describe who I am as a creative person. Favourite quilt finish My Sugar […]

Or is it? Only Bonnie knows! But I’m sure we must be pretty close to the final reveal for Good Fortune (note that this link will expire in February 2019). Perhaps on New Year’s Day? I have a boatload of pieces-still the paper removal for clue 6 to go, but I have assigned that to […]

I tried to resist jumping in with another swap, but I rationalized that it wouldn’t take too much time. On Instagram #saturdaynightcraftalong is a fun group around the globe (starting in Australia) who share their crafty endeavours. This is the second year for a little gift swap at the end of the calendar year. My […]

With the beginning of this year’s mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter (Good Fortune), I knew I should get some of my older quilts finished. I had just enough Warm and Natural batting to do 2 quilts (the other one is still waiting to be quilted) and just enough flannel to back this quilt, piecing in […]

I missed posting on Wednesday this week, but really all I had to show was a bunch of cut pieces. I tried Bonnie’s bonus triangle method for Clue #3, but quickly gave up (my pieces were 1/8″ small) and cut them out separately. I made a quick template for the Chevron cuts. I’m up at […]