So what do I do?  Well, hand sewing, for one.  This is the hexie project from my glamp Stitchalot quilt.   Each border will be a different background colour, and incorporate 5 of the 6 large blocks we learned.  I have come up with a slightly different way than the pattern to showcase the centre medallion, […]

project bag back home

An amazing weekend, for sure.  Fantastic food at the Kensington Court Hotel (and let’s not forget the flavoured syrups and whipped cream at the coffee bar!), meeting fantastic people, and playing with lovely fabrics! I didn’t get too much sewing done–it was cramped, and ergonomically awkward (the tables were way too high), but I enjoyed […]

Four days to Glamp Stitchalot!! But also four days until I give away this charming little train case. I bought the Crimson & Clover pattern from Sew Sweetness (Sara Lawson) a year ago, and I decided to use this swap (glampstitchaswap) to get it out and give it a try. It was difficult to find […]

There’s never a good time for your baby sewing machine to go into the shop. I’m not sure what’s wrong; it still sews ok in a straight line,  but not any of the zig zag stitches. I babied it along to finish the machine sewing on my swap bag for Glamp Stitchalot weekend (squeee!).  Now […]

It makes me so happy that I can be creative and actually make a Hallowe’en costume for my daughter. She decided she wants to be a hippopotamus–a pink one at that. I made some doodles, she concurred, and I set to work. To be honest here, if I could have bought one, I would have. […]

Welcome and thanks for visiting!  For the 2015 Fall Blogger’s Quilt Festival, I want to share a pillow I made this past spring.  I love the challenge of swaps, and the x-factor swap is a fun one, with much lower stress than many, because it requires that you make a pillow (cushion) cover to suit […]

Caroline, Farmer's Wife 1930s Block #20

This week, I’ve been sewing bits and pieces of a lot of projects, so guess what I finished?  Right, not much.  But I did finish Block #20, Caroline, from the Farmer’s Wife sew along ( #fqs1930sfarmerswife ).  The contrast of this block turned out well, although is two out of three metallic fabrics too much? […]

I have joined in with the oh-so-cute block making for the latest book by Lauren Hird, Farmer’s Wife 1930s.  I am using modern fabrics in a warm brights palette so I can eventually set them on a navy background.   I did join the Facebook group but I don’t use really FB for crafty stuff so […]

Yuma quilt top

Oops, I missed the linkup for finishes for Q3 (my sole finish was the rainbow broken herringbone baby quilt). Oh well, on to Q4. I try to keep these goals to projects that have been tying up stash yardage and that need to be Done. Yuma Quilt “Silver and Gold” This should be a guaranteed […]

Another one of those tempting instagram swaps, this one had a theme of anything Paris. It wasn’t limited to quilting either–there were some awesome bags and cross stitch creations as well. (Go over to instagram and search #parisswap. I’ll wait here.) I was tickled to receive a swap partner who I was already following on […]


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