broken herringbone quilt

I hesitated for so long to quilt this quilt because I didn’t want to do a boring quilting design (like straight lines). Finally I decided to just have fun, so each block will be quilted with a different design. I tend to go too fast on the bigger motifs, but the ribbon candy in the […]

yuma pillow small triangles

This is a tutorial for a pillow (cushion) cover using the leftover pieces of fabric from the Yuma quilt pattern. After thinking hard for a few days, I figured out how to downsize the pattern by half to make a matching pillow. I had cut extra pieces of the light fabrics for my quilt top […]

Yuma quilt top

Welcome to my stop for Gotham Quilts’ stunning free pattern, the Yuma Quilt! And it’s not too late for you to join in and create your own Yuma. In case you haven’t seen it before, here is the whole schedule: June 17 – kickoff blog post on Gotham Quilts week of June 22 — Made by Chrissie […]

Oh dear, how can it be July already? I have the my-eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach syndrome for quilters, with far too many works-in-progress. *Sigh*. Well, here goes, you can’t win if you don’t play. For Q3, I will finish: Broken Herringbone baby quilt Yuma quilt Cargo Duffle Bag Summer dress That’s enough, I think. I’m linking up to […]

with added cross body strap

I have a dream… And a dream it shall remain, because my ambitious Q2 list is shorter by only one project. I did finish my Paparazzi bag and am using it regularly for my camera. I like that I can carry my camera, zoom lens, wallet and phone in one bag. I like the cross […]

You know how you feel you have lots of time, and you’re coasting along, having finished piecing your quilt plenty early, then all of a sudden you’re at the due date and you’re still putting the binding on? Yeah, I knew you would understand. This was another swap (#annamariahornerminiquiltswap, on Instagram) that really inspired me, […]

newly planted tomatoes

If you live in Southern Ontario or points nearby, you know that we have had lots of rain in June. I bought some Ontario strawberries at the grocery store on Thursday night, and the fruits and vegetables–and weeds–in my garden have been growing well. We have a pear tree with three different pear varieties in […]

Well, I could be finishing up my Q2 Finish-A-long list…but hey, let’s start a new quilt instead! I saw an invitation on instagram (dangerous, very dangerous) for the Yuma Quilt-along with Gotham Quilts, their newest pattern, and immediately fell in love. Triangles, nice big ones, and different scales to add interest…I am so excited to […]

quilting details

Today I am sharing a small yet very cute finish. I am an individual member of the Modern Quilt Guild, and one of my peers (Nina with Freckles) organized a mug rug swap with a spring theme. To me, spring means flowers, so I selected the Swedish Bloom pattern. The single flower motif is paper […]


Leaving this quilt (which is my creation for the annamariahornerminiquiltswap on instagram) for a couple of weeks to ponder the quilting was fruitful. One day, after scrolling through the latest lovelies on my instagram feed, I had an epiphany–big stitch quilting! And it’s amazingly fast too, this only took two days of commutes to work […]


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