I know, with the amount of snow — not to mention rain and freezing rain — lately it doesn’t seem very springlike. But it’s a lot more optimistic than saying January housecleaning. I’ve identified a couple of thngs that needed cleaning up so I wanted to share with you. First up was my iron. Yep, […]

The finish-a-long has moved over to instagram, but I’m going to post my list here as well. If for no other reason that it’s easier for me to find. I pulled out my 2017 Quilters Planner to use the project page to list everything (plus a pair of purple mittens). There is a pdf available […]

So I finally got this quilted over Christmas. Then after a frustrating meeting of one of my extra-curricular groups, sat down and attached the binding. Most of the quilting and binding is with Gutermann white, easy, looks good, and will be sturdier than cotton thread. I may do more quilting with Gutermann, it’s easy to […]

No time to talk, must go link up!

So the answer to the question is 6. 10 pounds of beets makes 6 quarts of picked beets. The consumers and golden harvest jars have onions. Each jar has a pinch of peppercorns, mustard seed, and coriander seed. The vinegar mixture is 1.5 c water, 2 cup red wine vinegar, 7 cups white vinegar, 3/4 […]

Well, the only thing I can check off my to-do list from last week is that I have pieces for clues one through three of the mystery quilt cut out and some sewn. Making one-quarter of the pieces is much easier to manage in and around the busy activities. For sizes and piece counts please […]

How is it already 2 weeks to Christmas? 3 Christmas parades and 2 concerts already, 2 concerts left. Fortunately I haven’t planned on any handmade gifts, which allows me to enjoy my sewing without time pressure. First up, a new project! Yep, Bonnie Hunter’s Frolic mystery quilt has started. I used this photo of the […]

On the subject of travels around town, today my daughter and I visited Toe Beans Cafe here in Port Hope. In partnership with the Humane Society, several cats stay here on their way to forever homes, in addition to the permanent resident cats. We were lucky that 3 half grown kittens were dropped off while […]

First let me say, I’m so glad the clocks change back tonight (for Eastern North America at least, I know not all of the world does this strange thing). Mornings have been dark…heck, it’s closing in to winter, it’s just dark all the time. I’m very fortunate at work, the building is a large open […]

And , rolling into the last quarter of the year, shall we see what’s on the list this time? 1. Summer sampler for my sister, add final border and quilt. 2. Glamp Stitchalot 2015 which is for me – add final border and quilt 3. On Ringo Lake – finished in Q1 4. Beach Ball […]