For the fall 2017 edition of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival at Amy’s Creative Side I want to share my absolute favourite quilt–at least to date. I started this quilt in 2013 as part of the Simply Solids bee on Flickr (aside, do you remember when Flickr was the place to be for quilting loveliness? these […]

With the cooler nights, cucumber production has slowed down, but I picked enough to justify another batch of pickles. My bowl wasn’t quite as full, and I used 2 yellow cooking onions instead of Vidalia, then sprinkled with kosher salt and let sit 3 hours or so. I added a small bag of baby cut […]

I grew a lot of cucumber plants this year, attempting to get better timing of ripening. While I did get two cucumbers in early July from the 4 plants I started indoors in our Aerogarden in late April, after that the plants took a break. Then, in early August, I started getting production from all […]

I’ve been letting the (wild aka weeds) milkweed grow in my garden, and finally this year I had a significant population of monarch caterpillars. After the first few were eaten by birds (according to the internet, birds have to learn that monarch caterpillars are poisonous due to their milkweed diet by trying a few, it’s […]

I have fallen behind on my summer sampler blocks. One evening–I can’t even remember which one last week–I cut out all the pieces for the 3 blocks I was missing, and over the past several days I have been getting them sewn up. I’m a little worried about the points on one side of the […]

My garden is what I call “cottage garden” style — flowers and vegetables and fruits all mixed up wherever they will fit.  A neverending battle against twitch grass and dandelions and other weeds the seeds of which blow in from neighbouring properties.  Fragrant milkweed and stargazer lilies right now are delightful, attracting insects. Monarch caterpillars […]

It sure is nice to be able to finish a project beginning to end in an hour and a half. I had already cut out the fabric for these Sunny Days shorts (free pattern by Oliver + S), so my #saturdaynightcraftalong last weekend consisted of sewing them up. This is the size 8 (yikes, when […]

I receive a new block pattern every Monday from the 2017 summer Sampler over at Freshly Pieced. Looking at my layout, I decided that that it needs to be a 6″ block but as I contemplated, I noted how perfect this block would be for English paper piecing (EPP). I cut out the two adjacent […]

Lest you think I am some sort of super mom, I thought I would share a few tricks that help me keep my sewing progressing even in the summer.  None of these are amazingly unique. 1.  Laundry is my biggest secret.  I do the laundry, which is where all my sewing items are, so every […]

Hidey-ho, just popping in to share my accomplishments with the summer sampler blocks (#summersampler2017 at Freshly Pieced). The 6″ paper pieced blocks are little stinkers (paraphrasing Lee) but they are super cute. I’m going to try to make the rest of the 6″ blocks from standard patchwork, because it will involve less swearing. Sometimes the […]