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Quilt review for 2022

Hello everybody! I thought it was time to log the completed projects from 2022. My goal was to finish some projects, and stop accumulating half finished quilt tops. Rainbow purse. The only Bag of the Month pattern I made in 2022, pleased at how it turned out despite the fact it’s not really the type […]

September goals

Sitting here on the second day of the month, I think it appropriate to think about some of my current projects and where I should prioritize for the month.  Busyness of course with some of my volunteer activities will impact my crafting time. -Sandwich and quilt Fish School baby quilt. -Sandwich and quilt Christmas on […]

Of chickens

This story starts back in February. Should we order meat chickens this year? What about layer hens? One of ours is not doing so well. What about hybrid chickens? I joined a local FB group for backyard chickens and saw someone had day olds available. Sweet. All different colour eggs too! Back and forth a […]

Christmas in July (TGIFF)

Welcome to TGIFF for July 22! How are you all doing this fine (muggy and hot) July day! Ready to talk about cooler weather, when a nice quilt is needed to snuggle in front of a fire, cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) in hand? You know I love a good quilt along, […]

Making a Christmas Quilt

Better late than never, isn’t that what we always say as quilters? Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts did a free quilt-along a few years back for these cute Christmas/holiday/winter-themed blocks. I picked a scheme I called “vintage Christmas”, recalling sweet cards and ornaments which my mom had treasured for many years. The gold, pink, blue, […]

Postcards not Perfection

This is a post to share my mostly finished Postcard from Sweden quilt, joining Sandra at mmmquilts for the link up!  Not perfect because it’s not finished and some of the swoops are a little more swoopy than others (my ruler foot did not like the lumps where many triangles joined).   I don’t do a […]

Slow Sunday Stitching

I’m enjoying a few minutes of quiet today with my coffee and stitching down the binding on these placemats. The backstory is that I purchased a partially finished set of rows of vintage broken dishes blocks from Etsy several years ago. I was disappointed to see the amount of staining on the fabrics, so I […]

Another Quilt Along

Yes, I’m in again.  Sandra from mmmquilts put out the call for a Postcard from Sweden quilt along.  I dug through my  computer files to confirm I had a copy of the pattern, and got started.  I don’t know why I started at the bottom–I have these 6 rows down and the rest of the […]

Mystery Season

Like many of you, I am a huge fan of Bonnie Hunter and her mystery quilts. Every December, she posts steps to make something awesome. However, since I am not usually a fan of her colours, I like to change them up. This year the photos of rhododendron she shared (which is not hardy in […]

Mystery 2021 Rhododendron

Firstly, rhododendrons don’t grow in Ontario–well, I think there are some in the botanical garden in Hamilton, but not in my part.  So while I could have switched to peonies, or roses, I decided to go with the season of making and baking–Christmas.  Classic red and green, yellow green, and periwinkle blue. In case you […]