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A Mini Machine Finish

Does it feel like when the daylight hours get shorter, the amount of time also reduces? Thanks to Covid, activities have changed completely. On a weekday, I get up at 5:40 am and go for a walk, returning by 6:30. This is new since I stopped going to the gym–initially it replaced my drive to […]

My Q4 Goals list

The Finish A Long is still on hiatus, but looking forward to a New Year’s Eve sew-in ( now that’s my kind of party) and picking things back up for 2021. (visit them on Instagram @finishalong) I finished exactly zero of my goals for the quarter. I did start some new socks in May so […]

35 mm and Mandolin

Last Christmas I bought myself a 50 mm lens for my somewhat old Nikon. I did a lot of research on this and learned that the DX style which I have is smaller because it also has a smaller aperture, so in the end I purchased the FX lens in 50 mm, giving me “close […]

Scraps container (TGIFF)

I haven’t had much time to sew this month, despite the almost-drought in July the garden fruits and vegetables are now coming along so I have been making various items and canning them (see my pear salsa recipe post). So I was determined to make something, and I was inspired by Sandra over at mmmquilts […]

Ready to go

The long weekend in August was busy and frustrating with calls from work. So what’s a girl to do but start a new quilt? I have never joined in the Meadow Mist Designs’ Morewood mystery quilt. But no time like the present to start! I used the medium grey for the background, and by looking […]

Twilight shimmer

Popping in to share the mosaic I made for the latest contest at Stitched in Color. (I want to write colour, you Canadians will understand). Her prompt of “Gilded Age” made me think of the summer twilight, as the last peach and gold colours of the sunset reflected in the clouds fade into deep blue. […]

Starbright Quilt Finish (TGIFF)

Is it your dream to be paid to quilt? Well, it isn’t mine, but it sort of came true this year with Covid and work from home. My Covid journey began with two weeks of on-line training, and then my return to my regular schedule of meetings meant I was sitting behind a computer screen […]

I should

I should put away the rest of the plant pots. I should think about cutting the grass. I should pick some oregano to dehydrate. But right now I’ll finish my coffee, knit a few more rows, and continue to make a list of “I should’s” . The pattern is Gothix, from Joining up with […]


Pandemic. Our routine is broken. And just when we find a new fragile path forward the rains sweep us away. My work laptop is set up on top of the Singer 301, I quietly hand stitch during online meetings — so many meetings. I am grateful to be working full time but stressed over doing […]

Sidetracked (Finish a Long goals)

Like thousands of you, this week I made masks and scrubs bags. My local hospital, Northumberland Hills Hospital, partnered with my employer to make reusable masks for outpatients and others who require some protection but aren’t ill with Covid-19. I dropped off the scrub bags and mask buddies (to hold the elastics instead of sore […]