Postcards not Perfection

This is a post to share my mostly finished Postcard from Sweden quilt, joining Sandra at mmmquilts for the link up!  Not perfect because it’s not finished and some of the swoops are a little more swoopy than others (my ruler foot did not like the lumps where many triangles joined).   I don’t do a lot of hand binding so my fingers were getting sore so I decided to take a break.

And giving myself permission to not be perfect feels important today.  I watched Turning Red with my daughter yesterday.  I realize I can put too much pressure on myself  which doesn’t make me happy, so like Mei I’m saying that being perfect isn’t necessary to be happy.

This is the 48″x60″ size,using prints that were “close enough” to replace the Kona colours called for (I had more solids than I thought!), and some well aged 30’s prints on the back. Binding was a hard decision, then I remembered the Tula Pink rainbow hexagon.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope you have a less than perfect happy day.


  1. Jannette B · ·

    I love your version of the quilt! The prints make it so fun!

  2. Lisa this is a BEAUTY!! I am over the MOON with how you quilted it, wow wow wow! The binding is perfect too, and no worries if it’s not finished yet (I hear ya with the sore fingers, and thimbles just don’t always sit well with me, I end up using a different finger than the thimble finger and then get TWO sore fingers ha). You have until March 23, but sheesh, this is done in my books! Thank you for, quilting along I’m so glad you did with me and the gang. 😉

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