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Good Fortune progress

I missed posting on Wednesday this week, but really all I had to show was a bunch of cut pieces. I tried Bonnie’s bonus triangle method for Clue #3, but quickly gave up (my pieces were 1/8″ small) and cut them out separately. I made a quick template for the Chevron cuts. I’m up at […]

Next mystery steps

For the second step in Bonnie Hunter’s mystery, we were making half square triangles. As I cut them out I realized that I will have a couple of days away at our shared cottage later in the month, and I could bring my featherweight…so I’m concentrating on just getting each clue cut out and I’ll […]


No, not the 15 mm of rain we got on Monday…but the innumerable four-patches for clue #1 of Good Fortune. I cut a lot of light volume strips, and not quite so many green strips for these teeny squares.  My greens range from very yellowish to bright lime. Then I sewed (on my Singer 301 […]

A precious machine

This summer, I stopped at my sister’s house and picked up a Singer 301 with cabinet. Not just any machine, this is the machine that my mom sewed many of our clothes with when we were younger. After I started Home Ec in grade 6 (back when it was still called Home Ec and when […]

Planning for Good Fortune

For the newest mystery by Bonnie Hunter, Good Fortune, I have a bundle of Ludlow by Denyse Schmidt that I am using as the base. My initial plan was to use Bonnie’s colours in different shades, but I plan to swap them around to give the quilt a different flavour. So instead of jade green, […]

Binding up

Checking in on my to-do list from last week. 1. Fix that sashing piece in On Ringo Lake. -Done 2. Add borders to On Ringo Lake, figure out a backing, and baste. – Done, I used a grey and white print from my stash 3. Make binding for the jelly roll jam quilt and On […]

Done and To-do

With the anticipation of Bonnie Hunter’s next mystery quilt (Good Fortune, first clue November 23), I am trying to get some finishes. I decided that instead of going from quilting to binding, I would keep my quilting momentum going and wait until I had a few quilts ready to bind, then do them all together. […]

Replacing a jeans zipper (tutorial)

I don’t mind doing mending (although it often has a low priority). I picked up this cute pair of jean shorts at the thrift shop for my daughter, but we quickly realized the reason they were there was that the zipper didn’t open, and the side seam was ripped. A few minutes with the seam […]


As in mid-way, partly completed, and on the way there. I finally got started on quilting my Hallowe’en quilt, Spooky Jack. I started by stitching in the ditch around the pumpkin and the borders. For the pumpkin, I tried some dot to dot quilting in the eyes and nose (note, I really need a proper […]

Q4 in the Finish a long (2018)

I made a lot of items this past quarter, just not on my list! I want to participate in the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt starting late November, so I know I won’t get much else done during those weeks. So I might as well be somewhat realistic. Priority 1, Spooky Jack. Basted, needs quilting. Would […]