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Works in Progress

It’s summer, which means taking it easy, right? Well, with almost 3 weeks without rain I was spending 20-30 minutes every evening watering the garden. I discarded two five tomatoes with blossom end rot (caused by lack of water), the rest seem to be ok. One of my zucchini plants may not make it–there’s one […]

Canning tomatoes

Because isn’t this what everyone does on Christmas day?   While preparing for my visitors to arrive on Boxing Day,  I was reminded of the bounty of garden tomatoes I had frozen in September. An overnight thaw of the 5 large zipper bags and simmering most of the day yielded about 9 pints of tomato […]

A sweet doubleheader and a check-in

I finished up two more blocks for the Sugar Block Club block of the month. Once again, I procrastinated July’s block until August’s came out so that I could do two at the same time (I’ll say it is more efficient that way…). I changed out a couple of the main fabrics to match my […]

A Front Garden View

I hope it’s just as nice wherever you are–it’s definitely not sewing weather here.  I spent a lovely evening in the garden tonight.  Recently, Cecilia from thekitchensgarden posted her back door view and suggested her readers do the same. You can see mine here. Continuing along this theme, I thought you would like to see […]

Signs of Spring in Port Hope

As the days grow longer and the weather becomes somewhat warmer (not that 5 ˚C is warm, but it’s better than zero), we search eagerly for signs of spring. Tomato seeds are planted. I bought my seeds from Terra Edibles, in Foxboro, Ontario. They are heritage, grown in small plots, and organic–mostly because I like […]