Refracted Quilt – A TGIFF finish!

Hello and welcome to my blog for Thank Goodness it’s Finally Finished!

This week, I can proudly share the quilt I made for my niece. Pink of course, and as she is just about 14, not a minute too soon (as I said to my sister, I was afraid if I waited too long she would go Goth or something). But the grey, aqua, and yellows, are chosen to provide a more mature palette. The pattern is Refracted by Melissa at Happy Quilting, which just seemed to be the epitome of modern to me when I first saw it.

I had a lot of fun quilting the daisies in the sashing. The blocks are echo quilted, plus I added an inspirational or strong word in each, such as super, brave, intrepid, fearless, excel, dream, dance, laugh, grace, believe, vibrant, achieve.

Binding roll, Refracted quilt

Binding roll


quilted words


sashing daisies at the join

I also quilted this quilt in two halves and then pieced it together, definitely a good technique depending on how you plan to quilt it. With the simplicity of this quilting, I probably didn’t need to split the top, but I wanted to try the process. Finished size about 66″ x 80 “.


Now, it’s time to see what you have finished up this week! Please link up your quilty/sewing finishes (note that the thumbnails are shown on a separate page), then hop around to three or four other people to say hi!

Thanks again for joining me for TGIFF!


Completing this quilt was my OMG for February and on my Q1-2016 Finish-A-Long list so another high five to me!


  1. Lovely finish Lisa! I really like the simple quilting. Thank you for hosting TGIFF this week!

    1. Thanks! I really wanted to keep a nice drape, and I used warm and white batting, which can be quilted rather far apart. On Feb 26, 2016 8:25 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


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  3. This is really cute! I love the pattern! 🙂

  4. A beautiful Quilt Lisa and an great quilting job. I wish I had a finish to share but I don’t. Thanks for hosting!

    1. As long as you had a little time to sew, finishing is just a bonus. Have a lovely weekend! On Feb 26, 2016 9:08 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  5. The blocks look like little jewels! Beautiful color combination!!

    1. This is a fun pattern to make! On Feb 26, 2016 9:08 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  6. I love the quilting you did! The words are a great addition, and the daisies are so cute. Thanks for hosting TGIFF this week!

  7. Love the idea of quilting inspirational words–especially for a young person. Wish I had a finish to link up this week.

    1. In the spirit of a quilty hug, i wanted my wishes for her development and growth and maturation to stay close. On Feb 26, 2016 11:37 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  8. I like the pattern and the color combination. The flower quilting and adding the words is great.

    1. Thanks for the compliments! I was pretty careful to make sure i spelled all the words correctly, lol.

  9. Lovely quilt and a very cute model 🙂
    I downloaded “Refracted” (from Craftsy) a while ago. That quilt pattern has been on my to-do list for two years now. Thanks to sharing your finish (and hosting TGIFF), I just might make it this year. Did you encounter a lot of trouble where all the points met? Was it bulky to quilt?

    1. I used 14″ squares to start, then trimmed to 12.5″ . I wasn’t too careful with the points meeting, so quilting wasn’t difficult, but adding the sashing was a bit tricky at times. On Feb 26, 2016 11:43 AM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  10. Very pretty Lisa, congratulations! I do love the personalized quilting!

    1. Thank you, I love adding words to my quilts!

  11. What a lovely quilt–it seems just right for a 14-year old, but will grow up very well with her, too. The bottom photo is priceless.

    1. I know, she was a good help with the photo shoot.

  12. Great finish! I’ve made this pattern as well.

  13. Julie Stocker · ·

    That quilt shouts Happy! Congratulations, Lisa!

  14. Lovely quilt!! I like the idea of quilting it in two sections – lot less bulk. Someone looks like they are quite pleased with it! Congratulations on the finish!

  15. Beautiful quilt! Love the inspiration you’ve quilted into it. Lucky girl!

  16. What a pretty quilt, and I do like the flowers you put on the sashing. Looks like someone loves the quilt already too. I’ve never quilted half at a time. Did you put the two quilted halves together like QAYG?

    1. The two halves are stitched together on the front and the backing is then hand stitched in place, not sure if that is what you do with QAYG. It will be a great technique when I finally get around to that king size quilt … On Feb 28, 2016 3:05 PM, “Lisa in Port Hope” wrote:


  17. Lisa! This quilt is lovely. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

    1. And thank you all for helping me motivate myself to finish this quilt.

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  19. happyquiltingmelissa · ·

    Love, love, love!!! What a fantastic finish!! i love the way you arranged your blocks and I love the quilting as well. So great!!! Thanks for sharing it 😉

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