Slow progress

I procrastinated – a lot – before starting the quilting on this quilt. I even made a thread catcher first while procrastinating.

tension issues

I had thought to give it to my niece when I saw her in January, but oh well, that didn’t happen. She is following me on instagram now however.

Then, sigh, the tension issues. I tried stitching in the ditch–invisible thread on the top, aurifil in the bobbin. It started out okay, but with every row, the tension on the back got worse until the last row of stitching was an awful rat’s nest. I’m not sure if that’s because of the stretchy nature of the invisible thread. I also ended up with a lot of puckers where the horizontal rows crossed the vertical rows. I went ahead with the block quilting, then went back and ripped out most of the ditch stitching. Hey, doesn’t it look purty in my new thread catcher (*sarcasm*).

threadcatcher in use

Then I proceeded with the sashing, making fat little daisies connected by curvy lines. Again, for some reason it got worse as I went along until the bobbin thread was a straight line. More ripping. Try again. Aagh, more ripping. New needle, and new bobbin wound–success!

sashing daisies

I am relieved to have the first half done. Next I need to baste the second half, and finally join the two together and bind. In general, so far, a good technique which makes it a lot easier on my wrists to handle the bulk of the quilt. Stay tuned for how well I do on the joining step. I’m following the techniques given in the Craftsy class, Quilting Big Quilts on a Small Machine. Completing this quilt will be my February monthly goal for One Monthly Goal with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts.

first half done

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  1. Looking good so far Lisa!

  2. […] this quilt was my OMG for February and on my Q1-2016 Finish-A-Long list so another high five to […]

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