The Podium Bag (A finish)

Well folks, I did it! I met my goal for 2018 of making some bags (or at least one) by completing January’s Bag of the Month, a pattern by ChrisW Designs.

podium bag finish

I would have actually completed this in January if the rivets I had ordered had come in sooner. I has some challenges installing them, wasting 5 for the 4 I installed ( and crossing my fingers they stay). I added a keyloop on one side, and a small zipped pocket on the front side of the lining (I like a spot to keep my earbuds and lipbalm). Other changes are listed in this previous post.

keyloop and rivet

If you remember my previous post, I enlarged the bag by 3/4″ in the width. It has lots of room for all my stuff. The most challenging step was sewing the bottom to the sides–with soft&stable and vinyl on both, my machine did not like going through all that thickness.

podium bag contents

I was very tempted to start the February bag, a tote for laptop and tech gear, but I’m holding off until I get my sugar block club quilt quilted.

Now it’s your turn! What are you proud of this week? Shout out for Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday!



  1. This looks fab Lisa. Such a useful size and colours with a bit of a splash in the lining. I always like a surprise lining. It makes the bag more individual.

    1. It’s one of those fabrics I love but then can’t figure out how to use in a quilt, so this is perfect.


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  3. Lisa, this bag is very nice! I like the lining because it’s fun and unexpected. I also like how you mixed vinyl with woven fabric to create different textures. I finished all my Valentine sewing this week…thank goodness I finished in time!

    1. Deadline sewing is never fun, congrats on finishing.


  4. Thats a cool bag!! Very organized!

  5. Wow, great job, so professional on the bag, Lisa! Good idea to widen it. 🙂 Thanks for hosting TGIFF.

    1. Those darn reading glasses take up so much room!


  6. Congratulations! It’s a great looking bag.

  7. Your bag looks fantastic! I love the blue fabric.

    1. Thanks! I wanted a practical colour and I bought the Euclid linen-cotton to match the vinyl which I had.


  8. I’m impressed, Lisa. I love the color and fabrics you chose! Bags are not as easy as they look. So much detail and hardware, and like you, I’ve botched adding some of it. Thankfully those parts could be fixed. The only real disappointment I’ve had is 1. the strap wasn’t heavy duty enough and would curl or cut into my shoulder, or 2. the bag portion lacked structure to keep it slightly firm. Can you tell me how you thought this pattern worked?

    1. Here’s the part where I admit the bag would have been perfect I’d I had used the recommended materials from the pattern. After using the bag for a week, with my modifications, I can say I wish I had used a lightweight interfacing in the strap to help keep it from stretching. And a layer of sew-in interfacing in the flap would have helped as well. I think I may remake the strap. Other than that the structure if the bag is very nice with the foam (soft and stable) and interfacing. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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