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Be Awesome

As I was finishing this quilt, I remembered an inspirational story I heard recently. The gist was that we all can choose how to go through each day, and that we can choose to be awesome. My nephew recently had some surgery, so I wanted this quilt to tell him that I consider him to […]

A Millstone Goal

It’s a millstone around my neck, weighing me down, taking up room and stash fabric. My nephew’s quilt. I started this in April 2013, following along with the Virtual Quilting Bee at Diary of a Quilter. When I told my sister, she said, you know he has a queen size bed, right? That’s a big […]

Deja Vu – Finish A Long Goals for Q2

April, the month of warm temperatures and temptations away from the ball and chain of the sewing machine.  Just kidding.  Fortunately this spring has been slow to start, but I soon will add gardening to my leisure time which will reduce sewing time. I only finished one of my 5 projects from last quarter, so […]