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In My Garden

If you live in Southern Ontario or points nearby, you know that we have had lots of rain in June. I bought some Ontario strawberries at the grocery store on Thursday night, and the fruits and vegetables–and weeds–in my garden have been growing well. We have a pear tree with three different pear varieties in […]


I love the word eclectic. It means that the random arrangements and collections of things I love actually have a theme, even if that is to have no theme at all. And this post is a random arrangement of photos from my weekend. A glorious weekend, in fact, complete with sunburned noses. A busy robin […]

Camera Challenge Part 1 in Port Hope

I am following along with the camera challenge with the Littlest Thistle. Part One is to compare photos taking with full automatic setting to those taking with presets — I used Portrait, Sports, Landscape, and Beach/snow, which comes under “Scene” and has funky effects as well as settings for specific light conditions. You will note […]

Pumpkin watch

Only one pumpkin so far, and it’s the one I hand pollinated two weeks ago. I found something to give a sense of scale; check back next week for another shot of our little friend. We’ve gotten some tomatoes, but I’m almost ready to go ahead and pull out the plants because of the late […]

Merry Christmas

I hope you are safe and warm, and that you have spent this special day however you choose.  As we finished opening presents, I remembered what my dad used to say every year–“I think we did all right”. We have had some spectacular weather this past week in Port Hope, but the power outage for […]

Finishes and New Friends

Welcome all to my little corner of Ontario for the Sew Sisters Canada Blogathon! Our leaders today are Jackie and Krista, head over to say hi (and enter a giveaway) and please visit the lovely organizers of this hop at the Sew Sisters blog (and they have giveaways too). I live in Port Hope (could […]