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Mystery 2021 Rhododendron

Firstly, rhododendrons don’t grow in Ontario–well, I think there are some in the botanical garden in Hamilton, but not in my part.  So while I could have switched to peonies, or roses, I decided to go with the season of making and baking–Christmas.  Classic red and green, yellow green, and periwinkle blue. In case you […]

Morewood mystery

At least the top is done. To make it twin size, I added a top and bottom border (deliberately sized larger than in the body) of the arrow and diamond design. I would like to get this quilted before fall. Linking up to the quilt parade at Meadow Mist Designs.

Ready to go

The long weekend in August was busy and frustrating with calls from work. So what’s a girl to do but start a new quilt? I have never joined in the Meadow Mist Designs’ Morewood mystery quilt. But no time like the present to start! I used the medium grey for the background, and by looking […]

Pre-Christmas To do Tuesday(ish)

How is it already 2 weeks to Christmas? 3 Christmas parades and 2 concerts already, 2 concerts left. Fortunately I haven’t planned on any handmade gifts, which allows me to enjoy my sewing without time pressure. First up, a new project! Yep, Bonnie Hunter’s Frolic mystery quilt has started. I used this photo of the […]

Another quilt-along

No, I swear I’m not joining in with Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs. But if I were, these might be the fabrics. From left, the grey (background) is from Freespirit, Kona Cerise, the gold is from Windham Fabrics,and the last is from Joel Dewberry. Ok, maybe I will.

Home Stretch Good Fortune

Or is it? Only Bonnie knows! But I’m sure we must be pretty close to the final reveal for Good Fortune (note that this link will expire in February 2019). Perhaps on New Year’s Day? I have a boatload of pieces-still the paper removal for clue 6 to go, but I have assigned that to […]


No, not the 15 mm of rain we got on Monday…but the innumerable four-patches for clue #1 of Good Fortune. I cut a lot of light volume strips, and not quite so many green strips for these teeny squares.  My greens range from very yellowish to bright lime. Then I sewed (on my Singer 301 […]

Triangles of mystery

On Ringo Lake clue #4 has us making triangles (once again, note that this link will expire). Hmm, are we doing an on point setting or will we be coming back to add the other half of the square? I’m sewing along at 1/4 of the pieces which is very manageable, and I’ll wait to […]

Step 2 On Ringo Lake

Yeah, well, I was away all weekend and although I took my sewing machine, I couldn’t take my entire stash (wait, I could have, but I had to make a hard decision). So today after returning home, I cut out the pieces for step 2 (note, this link will expire but you can download the […]

It’s a mystery

I succumbed. Bonnie Hunter runs a mystery quilt every year, and despite the fact I haven’t finished my En Provence quilt, I am joining in this year. I felt an icy, wintry palette would be fun, and tried some different combinations before settling on black/charcoal, teal, pink, and white. I then realized that these colours […]