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AMH Diamonds Mini — Bloggers Quilt Festival

For my second entry in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival at Amy’s Creative Side, I thought I would revisit the mini quilt I made in 2015 for an instagram swap.  I used big stitch quiting with floss to emphasize the linen diamonds, then free motion quilting for the prints in matching thread.   In case you […]

AMH Diamonds Mini Quilt (TGIFF)

You know how you feel you have lots of time, and you’re coasting along, having finished piecing your quilt plenty early, then all of a sudden you’re at the due date and you’re still putting the binding on? Yeah, I knew you would understand. This was another swap (#annamariahornerminiquiltswap, on Instagram) that really inspired me, […]

WIP Wednesday – AMH Diamonds Mini Quilt

Leaving this quilt (which is my creation for the annamariahornerminiquiltswap on instagram) for a couple of weeks to ponder the quilting was fruitful. One day, after scrolling through the latest lovelies on my instagram feed, I had an epiphany–big stitch quilting! And it’s amazingly fast too, this only took two days of commutes to work […]

Rainbow Mini Swap Finish

Now that my partner has received her mini quilt, I will share with you my design process for this mini quilt. I’m not sure if the instagram quilting community is just exploding with swap activity, or that I am just more aware of it, but this was my second instagram swap and I have two […]

Little Quilts Swap TGIFF

Swaps are fun, they push me to try something new when sewing and do my absolute best work in order to be comfortable sending off my creation. Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger hosted the #littlequiltsswap this fall, mostly on instagram, and the only requirement was that the mini quilt be made from one of the […]