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Starbright Quilt Finish (TGIFF)

Is it your dream to be paid to quilt? Well, it isn’t mine, but it sort of came true this year with Covid and work from home. My Covid journey began with two weeks of on-line training, and then my return to my regular schedule of meetings meant I was sitting behind a computer screen […]

Slow stitching

When it’s cold outside (-15 C ), it’s the perfect time to be sitting on the sofa under my Starbright quilt. I realized that the only time I was hand quilting it was on visits to the cottage, so this winter I put it beside the sofa and have continued to progress. I am using […]

Hand quilting continuation

Hurray for cooler evenings and a chance to get out my hand quilting. I am quilting the stars with 12 wt Aurifil thread 2915 and the background diamonds with 50 weight colour 2000. I find it difficult to make my starting knot with the heavier thread so I cut a piece double long and start […]

AMH Diamonds Mini — Bloggers Quilt Festival

For my second entry in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival at Amy’s Creative Side, I thought I would revisit the mini quilt I made in 2015 for an instagram swap.  I used big stitch quiting with floss to emphasize the linen diamonds, then free motion quilting for the prints in matching thread.   In case you […]

New Hand Stitching

I hand quilted My Very First Quilt, because I decided that since I was learning this craft, I should learn it in a traditional way. I hand quilted my Modern Butterfly quilt as a take-along project. When I finished the top for this Starbright quilt, I decided that the quilt was so vibrant already that […]

Quilt Canada Fabric (Sunday Stash)

When I first decided to attend Quilt Canada in June, I wasn’t thinking about the shopping possibilities.  But they were great! I tried to restrain myself by deciding to focus on fabrics which I could use for quilt backgrounds, since up to this point I haven’t stockpiled many large solid or near-solid cuts in my […]

AMH Diamonds Mini Quilt (TGIFF)

You know how you feel you have lots of time, and you’re coasting along, having finished piecing your quilt plenty early, then all of a sudden you’re at the due date and you’re still putting the binding on? Yeah, I knew you would understand. This was another swap (#annamariahornerminiquiltswap, on Instagram) that really inspired me, […]

WIP Wednesday – AMH Diamonds Mini Quilt

Leaving this quilt (which is my creation for the annamariahornerminiquiltswap on instagram) for a couple of weeks to ponder the quilting was fruitful. One day, after scrolling through the latest lovelies on my instagram feed, I had an epiphany–big stitch quilting! And it’s amazingly fast too, this only took two days of commutes to work […]

WIP Saturday

Yes, I know, it’s not alliterative. But here it is anyway. I put together the top for my Anna Maria Horner mini quilt swap on instagram. This started with the purchase of the tri-recs rulers (since I had free shipping on Amazon anyway with my husband’s birthday present). Several sketches later, I pulled out a […]

Honor Roll lovelies (Sunday Stash)

Just so you know, in case you didn’t, I was the FIRST person to join this buy on Massdrop.   It was a fabulous deal. I think I’m going to disperse this into my stash to use in various projects, but at the moment it is still neatly set aside. It is still frigid in […]