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Not a Stuffie

My husband loves fishing.   And it is his birthday today.  And like most men he is impossible to buy for (mainly because if he wants something he buys it himself).  So my daughter suggested that I make him a quilt for his birthday (win, more sewing!).  But at this point it’s already February 1. […]

Pretty pink pillow progress

Despite my pledges to work down the backlog of projects, I also love the challenge of making swap items and making new quilty friends. The #pinkswap2017 is based on instagram, and has a diligent swap host mama, so i knew this would be a fun one.   It was easy to pick a pattern based […]

Sewing over pins

I would bet that you know already that sewing over pins can lead to broken pins. But have you ever thought about what it does to your needle? If I am having problems with tension, the first thing I do is re-thread my bobbin and top thread. The second thing I do is replace my […]

Girl’s Shirt to Dress makeover (tutorial)

Or how to be the best mom ever in 30 minutes. I was cleaning out my daughter’s closet prior to Christmas and was vehemently told that I could not donate this shirt to the thrift shop. Because it is her favorite. However it is definitely getting a little too short. Since dresses are an adorable […]

Tumblin’ away

It took me a long time to realize what a leader/ender was, or why I would want to use them. But now that I’ve started, I can’t imagine not having one to finish off a line of stitching and save my spot under the needle. In between other projects, I’ve been sewing together tumblers which […]

Skinny Selvedge Pincushion (tutorial)

(Or skinny selvage pincushion in the US). I started saving selvedges because it seemed to be the thing to do. When I started quilting and following the on-line community, a lot of the bee blocks used selvedges, and I didn’t want to be caught out if I needed some! But then they piled up, and […]

Bee-ing busy (and a block tutorial)

I signed up for my second round in the Modern 4×5 bee on Flickr, and then I needed a block to make. This blocks started out as something else but it seemed a bit fussy for making 5, so I simplified it and came up with this design. If you know what it’s called, please […]

Scrappy Colour block placemats

Rachel at Stitched in Color is running a series on using unloved fabrics. This project started with a package of 4″ squares I had won in a blog hop; a rainbow of batiks that, although lovely, had me scratching my head on how to use them. One night, inspiration struck and I sorted them into […]