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Reading variety

I have a few blogs I read regularly which are interesting in non-crafty ways. So I thought I would share those today, and who knows, perhaps some of you could find a new blog to follow. Also if you would like to suggest another one or more for me, please leave me a comment about […]

Photo day

Sharing a few photos, a visual of my weekend in Halliburton. I have a free wordpress plan which means limited media storage; I’ve been using Flickr to host photos, but today I see that it has been acquired by Smugmug (never heard of them before this). Will my storage still be free? I am already […]

Haliburton wolf centre visit

I wanted to share some pictures from our latest visit to the Haliburton Forest Wolf Center. All 10 of the resident wolf pack were enjoying the bright March sunshine outside the one-way glass of the visitor’s center. As a progression of my photography skills, I recently purchased Adobe Lightroom. One of the first things I […]

Caroline and Photos

This week, I’ve been sewing bits and pieces of a lot of projects, so guess what I finished?  Right, not much.  But I did finish Block #20, Caroline, from the Farmer’s Wife sew along ( #fqs1930sfarmerswife ).  The contrast of this block turned out well, although is two out of three metallic fabrics too much? […]

Free motion quilting WIP

I hesitated for so long to quilt this quilt because I didn’t want to do a boring quilting design (like straight lines). Finally I decided to just have fun, so each block will be quilted with a different design. I tend to go too fast on the bigger motifs, but the ribbon candy in the […]


I love the word eclectic. It means that the random arrangements and collections of things I love actually have a theme, even if that is to have no theme at all. And this post is a random arrangement of photos from my weekend. A glorious weekend, in fact, complete with sunburned noses. A busy robin […]

Half an assignment – Camera Challenge in Port Hope

When I was in school, I was the kid who finished my assignment 3 days early, who completed every step of my science experiment, and was devastated at every mark below 90%. The camera challenge, well, not so much. My first issue was getting the time, during the daytime, to set up and photograph my […]

Camera Challenge Part 1 in Port Hope

I am following along with the camera challenge with the Littlest Thistle. Part One is to compare photos taking with full automatic setting to those taking with presets — I used Portrait, Sports, Landscape, and Beach/snow, which comes under “Scene” and has funky effects as well as settings for specific light conditions. You will note […]

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Rolling over to a new month that is. My pile of Grand Illusion blocks grew this month, but I did not meet my goal of finishing the flimsy in January. Ah, well, so be it. Now, rather than setting a completely new goal, I am going to list this goal again. Finish the flimsy (which […]

Not much sewing, but having fun about town

Father’s Day was Sunday, so I suggested that we go out on the boat to enjoy the sun and nice weather. It was very busy at the boat launch, with cottagers bringing in their boats for the first time this season, but we got off fairly quickly and toured around. We had to stop again […]