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Triangles of mystery

On Ringo Lake clue #4 has us making triangles (once again, note that this link will expire). Hmm, are we doing an on point setting or will we be coming back to add the other half of the square? I’m sewing along at 1/4 of the pieces which is very manageable, and I’ll wait to […]

More pink

Step 3 of On Ringo Lake is added many…many… more pink diamonds to my pile of finished units. I didn’t start sewing last week’s clue until Saturday…another case of slow and steady wins the race. Here are my posts from Step 1 and Step 2. I made a template for these and taped it to […]

Step 2 On Ringo Lake

Yeah, well, I was away all weekend and although I took my sewing machine, I couldn’t take my entire stash (wait, I could have, but I had to make a hard decision). So today after returning home, I cut out the pieces for step 2 (note, this link will expire but you can download the […]

It’s a mystery

I succumbed. Bonnie Hunter runs a mystery quilt every year, and despite the fact I haven’t finished my En Provence quilt, I am joining in this year. I felt an icy, wintry palette would be fun, and tried some different combinations before settling on black/charcoal, teal, pink, and white. I then realized that these colours […]