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Small but Satisfying (TGIFF)

Welcome to Port Hope Ontario today for Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday. It’s also Good Friday, a day of reflection. It’s a day to be thankful for family, friends, clean drinking water, and safety. The streets are quiet, with many walkers enjoying the spring sunshine. The upheaval of schedules due to Covid 19 has given […]

A Beachy Bag Finish-a-Long

With millions of people around the world hunkered down in social distancing, I expect this will be a fantastic quarter for finishes in the Finish-a-Long. My week at work was crazy busy getting people started on assignments from their homes and trying to come up with some kind of schedule for myself. In between all […]


As the temperature drops, I’ve squeaked in with another finish for the Q3 finish-a-long (original list here). Socks for me are a long term project for otherwise idle moments, and these ones turned out great. The pattern is from Eclectic Sole, a book from my local library, and the first time I have tried two-colour […]

Long weekend WIP

Yes, finally some hot weather here in southern Ontario. And a Monday holiday for Canada Day. For me, summer means a knitting project–portable and little risk of losing needles, unlike EPP. As I mused on my stash, I received an email from Purl Soho advertising a knitted bag. Perfect. A few minutes (ahem, 45 minutes) […]


As in mid-way, partly completed, and on the way there. I finally got started on quilting my Hallowe’en quilt, Spooky Jack. I started by stitching in the ditch around the pumpkin and the borders. For the pumpkin, I tried some dot to dot quilting in the eyes and nose (note, I really need a proper […]


Happy spring! Although it isn’t too warm yet here in Port Hope, with nighttime temperatures well below freezing and daytime temperatures only a degree or two above zero. It’s almost the end of quarter 1 of the finish a long and I have completed my rhubarb socks. I tried a tubular cast-off and they are […]

Travel stitching

My go to project when I’m out and about is knitting. Particularly while watching swimming lessons or attending committee meetings for the band, I use the time to add a few rows on my current project. Right now I have two projects on the go. A pair of toe up socks using a lovely squishy […]

Sewing Retreat on Saturdays

This summer, I’ve really been enjoying my Saturday sewing retreats. Without even needing to leave home, I sew or knit along with Meg and friends for #saturdaynightcraftalong on Instagram. And, by the way, did you realize that when you search for instagram posts under a specific hashtag, they do show as chronological. I have three […]

Dinosaur vanquished

Fourteen years, possibly fifteen. That’s how long ago I purchased the wool and started this sweater (since I knew it was before I moved in with my husband). I stopped watching TV (because we didn’t have one), and so I didn’t have the time when my hands were idle. Occasionally I picked it up again […]

The Tale of the Travelling Socks

They went to the cottage. To swimming lessons. And for many rides in the car. Ta da! The wool is by Fleece Artist, pattern is Cherry Swirl which was printed on the sleeve of the skein (also free on their site), purchased at Creativ Festival in Toronto.  I invented an asymmetrical toe castoff to fit […]