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Leftovers pillow finish 

A visit to our shared ownership cottage this past weekend allowed a little handwork so I was able to finish the binding on my Grand Illusion Leftovers pillow.   This was a goal on my Q1 Finish-a-long list, as well as a goal this week with To-do Tuesday. Along with that, I progressed the assembly […]

Q2 2016 in the Finish A Long

Hmm, what longstanding projects shall i choose this quarter?  Leanne has shown us a large selection of projects,  and I think I’ll do much the same. Grand Illusion mystery quilt, I did get it basted last month. Summer purse. Oops, no progress last quarter. As you can see, I even have the interfacing cut out, […]

Grand Illusion Christmas ALYOF Finish!

Hurray, I have met my February goal and finished up my flimsy* for Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion mystery quilt. It is really busy. Extremely so. I’m not sure I like it. So I added the 3″ red border and called it good. I have some additional blocks for a pieced border, but it’s already 52″ […]

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Rolling over to a new month that is. My pile of Grand Illusion blocks grew this month, but I did not meet my goal of finishing the flimsy in January. Ah, well, so be it. Now, rather than setting a completely new goal, I am going to list this goal again. Finish the flimsy (which […]

Christmas in January

Isn’t it exciting to see a quilt top come together from a random pile of fabric? Because I seem to make a lot of quilts one-block-at-a-time, I have really enjoyed the mysteries hosted by Bonnie Hunter where we prepare a batch of different units with no idea of the final design. My last mystery with […]

Grand Illusion Check-in

I am not wracking my brain trying to figure out how these will fit together (ok, maybe just a little). I enjoyed Quiltcam yesterday with Bonnie Hunter and finished up step 4, so here I am with steps 1, 4, and 5 all done, and the rest, well, not. They will get done eventually, I […]

Grand Illusion lack of Progress

Clue #3 was posted on Friday, and through diligent effort yesterday I completed…cutting my strips. As you can see, it was tough work. I’m using dark blue instead of Bonnie’s green, and dark green instead of black. Under the strips is the reason for my lack of progress–the backing of my nephews quilt (see the […]