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Best of 2018

Before writing this post, I went back and reviewed the last two years (2017, 2016). Quite informative. Then I looked through my blog posts–wait, did I really finish 5 quilts this year? I’m going to use the same selection criteria because they describe who I am as a creative person. Favourite quilt finish My Sugar […]

My favourite makes for 2017

Last year, I made a list of my top 5 projects, so I though I should do the same this year. Some of these were high visit posts–and some were not, but nevertheless are my favourite makes from the year. Quilt finish Hands down, my Modern Butterfly quilt finished in May. Right now draped across […]

2018 Planning party

I’ve done this review and look ahead for two years now, here is the link for 2017 . So what is up for 2018? I moved (was told to move) to a new group, albeit in the same department, in March of this past year, which after the shock wore off and I got to […]

Looking ahead on the solstice

Whatever traditions you celebrate this year, the age old tradition of starting a new year at the winter solstice, when the days are shortest and the night is darkest, allows us to take time to pause and reflect on accomplishments for 2016 and goals for 2017. I just finished a leadership development retreat through my […]

for want of a key

Right now I’m relaxing in front of the fire because I’ve had a rough day. I worked all day, with 4 of my 6 team members away for various reasons ranging from sunshine vacations to the flu, packed up my daughter to go to the cottage, only to arrive at 8 pm to find that […]

The Halfway Point

Halfway through the year that is. I was thinking I haven’t done a ton of sewing in June but actually I’ve done quite a bit. Blocks for May and June in the Sugar Block Club are done. I made a bucket hat (free pattern here) for my daughter with a pair of shorts in progress. […]

Looking forward to 2014

I have never been one for making a big deal of the change to a new year, but I have been reading other predictions for 2014 and that has got me thinking about what I want out of my hobby and sanity-saver.  This year I did a lot more sewing, made some beautiful things, made […]

A Creativ Day Out (Sunday Stash)

I would love to go to a fun, modern retreat, like Sew South. But practically, I looked at the cost and complexity of traveling to North Carolina (I just can imagine going through US Customs at the airport with a sewing machine! but otherwise it’s a 14-hour drive), and decided to stay home.  But I […]

A day out

Although it was overcast and a bit wet on Saturday, we headed up to the Ganaraska conservation area, about a 10 minute walk from our house, for a quick hike. I’ve never seen this bird before, any thoughts? The bees were busy on the late flowers. But in other news, since my husband went fishing […]

Reflections on Pearls of Wisdom

Thanks again to everyone who entered my giveaway with Sew,Mama,Sew!. The memories you shared with me of crafting with parents, friends, and grandparents, and important pieces of wisdom, were very touching. I was only 11 when my Nana passed away, so the things I remember are her love of tea, that she could only grow […]