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Garden Saturday

Thankfully, my tomatoes survived the cool nights last weekend. Enough that this Scotia has set some fruit. I have several heritage varieties and one or two standard, all grown from seed. This is Indian River, I’ve never seen a double flower on a tomato like this. Allium is finishing and the columbine are adding some […]

Pumpkin watch

Only one pumpkin so far, and it’s the one I hand pollinated two weeks ago. I found something to give a sense of scale; check back next week for another shot of our little friend. We’ve gotten some tomatoes, but I’m almost ready to go ahead and pull out the plants because of the late […]

Simply Solids Progress – WIP Wednesday

This is a catch-up post for what I’ve been working on, especially for the Simply Solids Bee. First up was May’s block, called Alberta Triangles. Some of the seams were a bit bulky, but it worked out fine in the end. I had cut one of the flying geese base squares too small, and had […]

Garden Update for May 8

The flowers have been exploding from the soil, spreading their petal faces to the warm sun.  At first it seems that progress is infinitesimal, then suddenly every time I return to the garden I see a new plant in leaf or blossom. I planted almost 500 tulip bulbs last year.  It sounds extreme, but our […]

Signs of Spring in Port Hope

As the days grow longer and the weather becomes somewhat warmer (not that 5 ˚C is warm, but it’s better than zero), we search eagerly for signs of spring. Tomato seeds are planted. I bought my seeds from Terra Edibles, in Foxboro, Ontario. They are heritage, grown in small plots, and organic–mostly because I like […]