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Pickled beets

Yes  that time of the year again.  This year I bought 20 pound of beets.  Some were quite small (and finicky to peel) but once the steam had cleared, I had 10 quarts and two leftover beets in the fridge for 3-day pickles. So that I can remember, I am documenting here that I used […]

Lettuce talk

This is what I call my zombie lettuce–after finishing the living lettuce purchased at the grocery store, the root still looked healthy, so I grabbed some compost and potting soil and planted it. I actually did three, but I overwatered the first one. Then while out to our hunting property last week, we spotted some […]

Christmas preserves

So the answer to the question is 6. 10 pounds of beets makes 6 quarts of picked beets. The consumers and golden harvest jars have onions. Each jar has a pinch of peppercorns, mustard seed, and coriander seed. The vinegar mixture is 1.5 c water, 2 cup red wine vinegar, 7 cups white vinegar, 3/4 […]

Salsa making

Yep, that time of year again. Pears were a good crop, although 2 weeks late due to a cool spring. So this batch of pear salsa was made with red Bartlett pears which are the early pear of my tree. To make 8 half pint jars, I used 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 yellow hot […]

Garden mint Sauce

Mint is very easy to grow. Put it somewhere you don’t mind it running away from. Ours is around the birdbath and has spread into the driveway and adjacent gravel path. Previous years, I picked mint and dried it. But since I only ever made mint sauce for lamb, I had a brainwave last year […]

Works in Progress

It’s summer, which means taking it easy, right? Well, with almost 3 weeks without rain I was spending 20-30 minutes every evening watering the garden. I discarded two five tomatoes with blossom end rot (caused by lack of water), the rest seem to be ok. One of my zucchini plants may not make it–there’s one […]

Pear Salsa Recipe

I think this is the most canning I have done for a few years and I’m running out of places to put the jars. We have a pear tree purchased at the big box home improvement store about 10-12 years ago, it actually has 4 varieties of pears which ripen between mid-August and late September. […]

Cucumber Pickles, take 2

With the cooler nights, cucumber production has slowed down, but I picked enough to justify another batch of pickles. My bowl wasn’t quite as full, and I used 2 yellow cooking onions instead of Vidalia, then sprinkled with kosher salt and let sit 3 hours or so. I added a small bag of baby cut […]

Cucumber Pickles, take 1

I grew a lot of cucumber plants this year, attempting to get better timing of ripening. While I did get two cucumbers in early July from the 4 plants I started indoors in our Aerogarden in late April, after that the plants took a break. Then, in early August, I started getting production from all […]

Random things on Wednesday

Some things I have loved doing and seeing over that past few weeks. Snowshoeing in Haliburton — this was the last week of March, about 6 degrees Celsius (hence no coats), to enjoy the last of the winter. Biking on the Easter long weekend. My husband and I walked about 5 miles on Sunday and […]