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Flora and Fauna in my garden

My garden is what I call “cottage garden” style — flowers and vegetables and fruits all mixed up wherever they will fit.  A neverending battle against twitch grass and dandelions and other weeds the seeds of which blow in from neighbouring properties.  Fragrant milkweed and stargazer lilies right now are delightful, attracting insects. Monarch caterpillars […]

Random things on Wednesday

Some things I have loved doing and seeing over that past few weeks. Snowshoeing in Haliburton — this was the last week of March, about 6 degrees Celsius (hence no coats), to enjoy the last of the winter. Biking on the Easter long weekend. My husband and I walked about 5 miles on Sunday and […]

Canning tomatoes

Because isn’t this what everyone does on Christmas day?   While preparing for my visitors to arrive on Boxing Day,  I was reminded of the bounty of garden tomatoes I had frozen in September. An overnight thaw of the 5 large zipper bags and simmering most of the day yielded about 9 pints of tomato […]

In My Garden

If you live in Southern Ontario or points nearby, you know that we have had lots of rain in June. I bought some Ontario strawberries at the grocery store on Thursday night, and the fruits and vegetables–and weeds–in my garden have been growing well. We have a pear tree with three different pear varieties in […]

Pumpkin watch

Only one pumpkin so far, and it’s the one I hand pollinated two weeks ago. I found something to give a sense of scale; check back next week for another shot of our little friend. We’ve gotten some tomatoes, but I’m almost ready to go ahead and pull out the plants because of the late […]

A sweet doubleheader and a check-in

I finished up two more blocks for the Sugar Block Club block of the month. Once again, I procrastinated July’s block until August’s came out so that I could do two at the same time (I’ll say it is more efficient that way…). I changed out a couple of the main fabrics to match my […]

A Front Garden View

I hope it’s just as nice wherever you are–it’s definitely not sewing weather here.  I spent a lovely evening in the garden tonight.  Recently, Cecilia from thekitchensgarden posted her back door view and suggested her readers do the same. You can see mine here. Continuing along this theme, I thought you would like to see […]

Sewing and Other things

I’ve been enjoying the wonderful June weather, but with so many other things to do, I haven’t been doing very much sewing. The garden is growing..wait a minute, those are weeds! But some desirable plants too. I love having edibles in the garden that we can step outside and pick, when the squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, […]

Simply Solids Progress – WIP Wednesday

This is a catch-up post for what I’ve been working on, especially for the Simply Solids Bee. First up was May’s block, called Alberta Triangles. Some of the seams were a bit bulky, but it worked out fine in the end. I had cut one of the flying geese base squares too small, and had […]

Garden Update for May 8

The flowers have been exploding from the soil, spreading their petal faces to the warm sun.  At first it seems that progress is infinitesimal, then suddenly every time I return to the garden I see a new plant in leaf or blossom. I planted almost 500 tulip bulbs last year.  It sounds extreme, but our […]