Third corner

I know it doesn’t look that much different,but this is the third corner of ny tulip applique quilt which means just one more. I don’t want to overquilt this, so the rest of the border will get a loopy flower meander. I think that will make the feathers more interesting than doing the whole border.

And in other news, day 2 of training was also dry so I scrunched my laptop out of the way and lifted up the 301 to start webbing together Grassy Creek. Multitasking you know. Too bad I don’t have a day 3.


  1. Jannette B · ·

    Wow! Your feathers look amazing! The corner flows so well into the next section.

    1. Thank you! This was a little late at night but I just relaxed and let them flow. My trick for the corners is to stack three plumes–short , medium, and long– to fill in the space.


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