35 mm and Mandolin

Last Christmas I bought myself a 50 mm lens for my somewhat old Nikon. I did a lot of research on this and learned that the DX style which I have is smaller because it also has a smaller aperture, so in the end I purchased the FX lens in 50 mm, giving me “close to” 35 mm once paired with my D5300 (no longer available) body.

I find that it does take better low light photos, and I like being able to take the picture to match the depth of what I can see with the naked eye. The last batch I took in Raw (an uncompressed file), knowing that I would want to edit them anyway, in order to get more definition and resolution to allow me to zoom the photo digitally. Fortunately I had my camera on my lap when we came across this large turkey family near Minden, Ontario. The hen kept an eye on the cars as she shepherded her chicks into the undergrowth.

Oh, and on the quilty front, I am almost finished adding the edge pieces on my mandolin quilt (pattern from Tales of Cloth and paper pieces from Eagles Wings Quilts here in Ontario). It’s an odd dimension with 2 blocks by 3 blocks (because I decided I didn’t like EPP enough to make another 3 blocks), so I think I’ll add side borders to make it more square-ish.

On the to-do list for this week — well, after yet another set of masks — is finishing the mandolin quilt and figuring out a project for next week at the cottage. Linking up to To-Do Tuesday with Home Sewn by Us.


  1. It’s a beautiful pattern but looks tricky! Is it hard to do? I’ve only done minimal paper piecing.

    1. No it’s not hard at all! It’s quite amazing how it’s designed, I would never be able to figure it out, but basically every piece has a 2″ side, then the pattern goes together magically.


  2. Good morning! Boy, I agree with Cheree that the pattern looks tricky even when adding the border. I’m not a huge fan of EPP either but I do enjoy the results. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I made the border a little more difficult by ensuring it will have 1″ width to every edge place and by using partial or combined pieces where necessary, rather than using full size pieces I would have to trim. I will still need to iron the edge pieces flat (removing the turned under edge) when I’m ready to finish it.I


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  3. Your Mandolin quilt is wonderful. I am impressed you got so many blocks done. I would have faltered after less than 1 block. Does your old Nikon take film? I’m show my age when I think old camera = film.

    1. No, it’s not that old! I have had digital cameras for 20 years–and they just keep getting better. Mine is nice because you can go full auto point and shoot or adjust the picture manually. I also have a subscription to Adobe Lightroom which has some nice editing features.


      On Thu., Sep. 10, 2020, 8:35 a.m. Lisa in Port Hope, wrote:


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