Scraps container (TGIFF)

I haven’t had much time to sew this month, despite the almost-drought in July the garden fruits and vegetables are now coming along so I have been making various items and canning them (see my pear salsa recipe post).

So I was determined to make something, and I was inspired by Sandra over at mmmquilts to start another scrappy container for scrap storage. I puzzled together the scraps for each panel, trying to select those on the paler side of pink.

To stiffen it, I grabbed leftover strips of batting and zigzagged them together right to the panel, following it with further quilting for stability. Finally I selected this mango colored solid from my stash–I like to line my basket with something that does not camouflage my scraps–stiffened with medium-weight interfacing, and it was done!

It feels great to have a small finish. Linking up to TGIFF with Quilting Gail.


  1. What a cute container! I love the idea of putting a solid that won’t blend with the scraps.

    1. Thank you! Now to decide on what colour to do next….perhaps orange.


      On Fri., Sep. 4, 2020, 3:54 p.m. Lisa in Port Hope, wrote:


  2. I keep seeing all of these great scrappy baskets and I love them. My issue is I don’t have a space to set them up to hold my scraps?? Do you have shelf space for these? They are so darn cute!

    1. I guess I’m in the camp of “sew the baskets, and I’ll figure out later where to put them!” I’ve also seen a great solution where the baskets are narrower and hung from hooks, therefore not needing shelf space. Thanks for stopping by!


      On Sat., Sep. 5, 2020, 10:39 a.m. Lisa in Port Hope, wrote:


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