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The long weekend in August was busy and frustrating with calls from work. So what’s a girl to do but start a new quilt? I have never joined in the Meadow Mist Designs’ Morewood mystery quilt. But no time like the present to start!

I used the medium grey for the background, and by looking ahead and cutting efficiently, 4 meters was lots. (In some cases, you cut a WOF but only use 75% of it. I used those leftover chunks for the next size down. And so on.)

I dug deep into my stash to get enough prints for the light and dark pinks. I have learned that when going scrappy,more is always better. Then for the other two colours I used this blender in turquoise (bought from my LQS The Stitch Witch pre-Covid) and the floral dark blue. Now just to wait for the next clue!

A (light pink), B ( turquoise), C (blue floral), D (dark pink)

Linking to Midweek Makers at Quilt Fabrication.



  1. I did two of Cheryl’s mysteries and loved them both. I really want to join in with this one, have to see if I can fit it in! I absolutely love your fabric pull!

    1. Well it seems really doable so I will vote for you to join in ;). I’m not much for having to trim down my HSTs which is this months clue, but I know it will make the pieces very accurate.


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