I should

I should put away the rest of the plant pots. I should think about cutting the grass. I should pick some oregano to dehydrate.

But right now I’ll finish my coffee, knit a few more rows, and continue to make a list of “I should’s” . The pattern is Gothix, from Knitty.com

Joining up with Kathy for slow stitching Sunday.


  1. Kim Sharman · ·

    Much better to sit and knit your beautiful project than do all those things you should. =) Such a pretty pattern you are knitting.

  2. Karrin Hurd · ·

    Beautiful project! I have pots to put away too, and my grass needs mowed too!

  3. Lovely knitting. Enjoy a little relaxing time while you can, then get on to those other jobs a little later.

  4. Your knitting is very pretty. I always seem to have a list of “I should”s. That’s okay, I’ll craft first.

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