Stay Safe and Family Cloth

Yes, I’m still here. I’m working from home and trying not to disrupt the schedule of my husband and daughter, who have been homeschooling since September. I work for an electricity producer but fortunately as an engineer most of my work is done via email and phone, even when I am in the office. Her biggest complaint is that the library is closed and she doesn’t have anything new to read.

I did not rush out and buy toilet paper–we should have enough for 3 weeks by which time I sincerely hope that our local grocery store has restocked. But my backup plan is family cloth. That is,   using washable cloths/rags after bathroom visits. I thought I would share my washing routine with you. Because I cloth diapered my daughter for just over 2 years (yes she toilet trained at 26 months), I had lots of practice.

I have the LG HE front loading machine.  Used cloths go into a laundry bag, if you have one,  then the bag gets turned inside out and washed too.  First,  select speed wash in cold/cold with no soap (30 min).  Then, wash on cotton (hot wash, cold rinse) or sanitary (extra hot, cold).  If it’s a really small load (I washed diapers every 2 days to keep the smell down), throw in an old bath towel.  I’ve got some cotton t-shirts in the pile for the thrift store that should do nicely, or an old baby blanket I can cut up and zigzag the edges.

I’ll leave you with a photo of fabric for my Frolic Quilt–I’ve been plugging away and will start assembling this on the weekend. There might be another episode of The Crown to watch too.


  1. hi lisa, when did I think we could be discussing hygiene. I wondered how the best way to wash “wash cloths” would be. I am at home for 12 weeks, hopefully with enough toilet roll, but you never quite know. Apart from that, it is good you are getting the odd bit of sewing in too.

    1. Thank you. I made this post because I really wondered why in all the panic that there wasn’t more discussion of alternatives. Using cloth diapers was an important ecological choice I made, but my family has been comfortable with the convenience of toilet paper—until its availability is limited and then what?

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