Cats and Smiles

On the subject of travels around town, today my daughter and I visited Toe Beans Cafe here in Port Hope. In partnership with the Humane Society, several cats stay here on their way to forever homes, in addition to the permanent resident cats. We were lucky that 3 half grown kittens were dropped off while we were there,

Other customers included a family with a boy slightly older than my daughter, and an elderly man reading a book and chuckling as the children–and adults–tried to entice cats to play with toys or come closer for a head scratch. The idea with this place is that the cats live there, and we humans must be respectful as we visit–which includes not picking up the cats.

The cappuccino was enjoyable, and the light meal items have good reviews but we were there between lunch and dinner so we didn’t try anything. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour, and I would recommend it for kids at least 8 years old and adults of any age.

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  1. Jannette Binder · ·

    That sounds like a great cafe, and a lovely way to spend time with your daughter!

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