Time change sewing

First let me say, I’m so glad the clocks change back tonight (for Eastern North America at least, I know not all of the world does this strange thing). Mornings have been dark…heck, it’s closing in to winter, it’s just dark all the time. I’m very fortunate at work, the building is a large open space with one hundred or so cubicles, but mine directly faces a window which gets the morning sun, so it’s brighter than many.

But that means that sewing is now an artificially lit activity, and I have a tendency to just focus on what I’m making and not think about taking photos.

First up, a band uniform. My daughter is playing clarinet, and now rather than pay $25 per week for a babysitter so we can go to band practice, we take her with us. Well, with upcoming parades, I decided to go all out and outfit her in a uniform (I’m the quartermaster, I can do that 🙂 ).

Of course she’s still only a child, so I’m having to make some significant alterations. For the tunic, I found a small size of the old style, which had a blazer collar, and converted it into a stand-up collar. I still need to finish hand sewing the inside and add two buttons. I also took up the sleeve by two inches. It’s big but it will do. If you are in Cobourg, Frankford, or Colborne this year, look for the short person playing the sleigh bells.

For the pants, we had a pair with a slim waist (26″) but they were way too long, I took off the waistband and will cut it down, then trimmed the pant leg by 3″ and I will re-hem it (with a 4″ hem, the original owner must have been in the “bean sprout” stage of growing).

In between, I’ve started to assemble my Kinship quilt (because, prizes! if I finish by Nov. 9). I sewed the first long strip on the Singer 301, and all the joins are askew, so I’m going to have to go back to the Pfaff for the rest so I can use the IDT (essentially, an integrated walking foot).

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