Warm weather skirt finish

“Mom, since when do you wear a skirt?”
“Why can’t you just say, gee, that’s a nice skirt, you look pretty.”

This is the size XL of the Oliver + S Everyday Skirt, really easy to make. I’m not sure I like the 1/2″ elastic (two rows), I had to gather it a lot before I felt the skirt was secure enough (because since it has pockets, I put my cell phone in one, and it’s a bit heavy. Next time I might try 1″ elastic. The material is a cotton-linen blend from Fabricland in Oshawa. And with thrifty cutting I had enough left over for a pair of shorts for my daughter.

One reason I don’t wear skirts is that I don’t like putting my bare legs onto a chair/sofa, so I cut this an inch longer than the pattern in the back and an inch shorter in the front to make a high-low hem. It is really comfortable and I feel comfortable wearing it. Unfortunately I didn’t finish it until the weather was starting to cool off so I will look forward to having it next July.

This was a goal on my Q3 finish-a-long list. Linking up to the global hosts, please hop over and say hi to a few!



  1. Jannette B. · ·

    That IS a nice skirt and you DO look great in it! Congratulations on the finish!

  2. Hi Lisa! HAHA – darn kids don’t have to say the first thing that comes into their mind. It IS a nice skirt and I agree with Jannette, you DO look nice in it. I agree with you on the bare legs on chairs, etc. I don’t like that feeling either and haven’t worn in skirt or dress in years. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you 🙂

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  3. Felicity Ronaghan · ·

    Very cute skirt – I bet it was lovely and cool during the warm summer months!

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