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It never is my intention to be absent so long, but with so many demands on my time in the summer, sitting down to write a blog post is rather low on the list.

I’ve been participating in the #100days100blocks2019 over on Instagram with the Kinship fusion sampler quilt. My colours are teals and blues with the occasional chartreuse. This sew-a-long has been manageable because I precut all the pieces and stored them in zipper bags. Today is day 51. All of my blocks are also tagged #kinshipliph if you want to go look now (or later).

I also wanted to update you on the Coming Home Quilt monthly project. I had barely enough of the blue music fabric to complete the round, but when Sarah showed the applique, I decided I didn’t have enough hours in the day to do it all by hand, so that round is done by machine. It still took me some weeks to get it all prepared but not long to actually stitch, maybe 3 hours. I still need to finish the centre circles on the suns, that I am doing by hand.

Coming Home August update

Then the trees for the 4th round seemed manageable by hand, and I ended up volunteering for some night shifts at work, so most of those were finished up quickly. The triangle shaped ones however I made up a quick pattern and finished by foundation paper piecing.

The next step is to applique the doors and windows on the houses. If you note on the earlier house round, I skipped that step and sneakily used wildly patterned fabric. I’ve got the pieces all prepared and glued in place.

What is keeping you busy this summer?



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  1. Jocelyn Thurston · ·

    Hi Lisa, I am totally in love with your blocks. What great fabric choices and stitching! Whimsical design is sweet. Happy Stitching from me!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment this quilt is going to be more scrappy and colourful than I first envisioned but that’s completely ok!


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