Done and To-do

With the anticipation of Bonnie Hunter’s next mystery quilt (Good Fortune, first clue November 23), I am trying to get some finishes. I decided that instead of going from quilting to binding, I would keep my quilting momentum going and wait until I had a few quilts ready to bind, then do them all together.

First up was of course my Hallowe’en quilt. Quilting is finally finished. Because I stitched in the ditch around the pumpkin and each border, it was easy to tackle the quilting the way my brain wanted to, and not get stuck working from the inside out.

Next I asked permission and finished up my daughter’s jelly roll jam quilt. Although she did a lot of the piecing, and some of the quilting, the rest was up to me. Definitely machine binding for this one once I get there.

Today I squared up On Ringo Lake, the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from last year, and cut border strips — it needs to be just a little bit bigger to be really usable (with border, it will be 46″x66″). I’m not a fan of the assembly of on-point settings, but the effect is nice. I’m planning on an all-over quilting for this. But WHAT’S THAT!? Oh no, one of the sashing pieces is backwards. Well, I have to fix that first.

So on my To-do list for this week:
1. Fix that sashing piece in On Ringo Lake.

2. Add borders to On Ringo Lake, figure out a backing, and baste.

3. Make binding for the jelly roll jam quilt and On Ringo Lake.

4. (stretch target) finish picking colours for Good Fortune.

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  1. Good idea! I have many items waiting to be quilted, I will just do a marathon of quilting and then binding! Except, I do find it a great way to rest and watch TV while binding, so maybe depends on what’s on TV? LOL

    1. I’m just trying to figure out how to keep momentum going. But I still have to fix that sashing piece…


  2. On ringo lake is beautiful!

    1. Thanks, the pink really sparkles. I got it basted last night, next to figure out quilting.


  3. Anja @ Anja Quilts · ·

    You’ve been productive. Good luck with the next mystery.

    1. Thanks! The countdown is on, and I haven’t finalized my fabric pull yet.


  4. I like that idea of getting several quilts ready to bind at once!

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