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It’s summer, which means taking it easy, right? Well, with almost 3 weeks without rain I was spending 20-30 minutes every evening watering the garden. I discarded two five tomatoes with blossom end rot (caused by lack of water), the rest seem to be ok. One of my zucchini plants may not make it–there’s one zucchini (aka summer squash or courgette) in the fridge to eat, and with 3 plants surviving, I should be ok. The cucumbers are starting to produce, the peas are almost finished, and I have quite a few bell peppers starting to ripen.

Our air conditioning was broken last year as well, but it is so nice to have it working again, and hopefully good for 12-15 years. We don’t air condition the kitchen, but nevertheless in the summer we cook outside as much as possible. Yes, even french fries.

barbequed french fries

Sewing, what’s that? No seriously, I have been plugging away at some swap items and my mandolin quilt, but I am having computer problems tonight, so I will leave you to anticipate! Have a great week!


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  1. Lisa J. · ·

    Yes I’m happy that it has been raining a bit more lately and I don’t have to continuously water. I have been sewing some but spending time with family even more. Have a wonderful week and I hope your computer issues improve.

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