Aim High

Yeehah! Time to link up my ambitions for finishes in Q1 of 2018. When I filled out the projects page in my new Quilters Planner, I realized I had started 4 quilts in 2018 and finished 4, so that is not a good prediction of being able to reduce the backlog. So here is my Q1 plan:

Sugar Block Club quilt: I am half done the quilting so this is completely achievable.
using the squish method

Summer Solstice quilt: I finally got this assembled and it’s a fairly small quilt so I should be able to get this done.
Summer Solstice completed top

Tic Tac Toe quilt: This is intended as a baby quilt, although I don’t have a recipient in mind, but I would be kicking myself if it wasn’t ready.
tic tac toe completed top

Halloween quilt: again, only needs a backing and quilting, I’m going to have fun with the quilting I know.
completed top full

And why not, I’ll add my On Ringo Lake quilt. Because the piecing is so busy, a simple all over quilting pattern will suit this quilt. Still finishing the piecing after the last clue was released on New Year’s Day.

First block for On Ringo Lake

And last year’s mystery, En Provence
en provence quilt top

One more, the #summersampler2017 quilt. I’m still making parts for assembly although all the blocks are done.


I’m still determined to do some garment sewing, so how about:

Camouflage trousers–the fabric was really cheap and this will be basically a muslin for a base pattern for me.
camouflage twill fabric

Summer dress–yep, third fourth year for this one. I haven’t changed sizes so the pattern alterations I made should still work.

Linen skirt–pattern is cut out and ready to go
Linen blend fabric for skirt

Triangles tote bag: I made this panel a couple of years ago and I want to make a simple tote bag.
triangles panel for tote bag

And for the credit in case I get it done, my rhubarb socks. One sock very nearly done.

sock knitting 2017

Linking up to the global hosts for 2018 Finish-a-long.



  1. I really like that blue and green print for a dress. Have fun with all your projects.

    1. me too, now to just get it done! I hope I can find the zipper I bought for it…

  2. I love them all, especially the #summersampler2017. Those vibrant colors.

    1. Thank you, the navy was fun to use to set off the bright colours of the blocks.


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