A Personal Sewing Retreat

I dither over sashing and finishing often. Doesn’t everyone? So to focus on assembling some quilt tops over a weekend felt like a huge accomplishment. At the beginning of December we had a week at our shared ownership cottage, but between work and musical commitments, my husband and I overlapped by a day but we each had time to spend on our own (well, me and our daughter). I decided to bring:

-my older machine, the Husqvarna viking

-mat, rotary cutter, and 24″ ruler

-other notions as necessary (pins, scissors, seam ripper…)

-6 quilt top pieces–Hallowe’en QST, tic tac toe bee, weathervane bee, summer solstice, vintage Christmas, jelly roll Sunnyside triangles –with assorted sashing parts, some of which I cut ahead of time

Between evenings and even some early morning sewing sessions, I was able to finish:

Most of weathervane bee quilt (short two pieces of sashing later added at home because I didn’t bring enough), 70″ square
Weathervane quilt

Halloween QST quilt , 60″ square
completed top full

Tic Tac Toe bee quilt including borders, 48″x 60″
tic tac toe completed top

Summer Solstice, needing a narrow sashing to set off the big colourful blocks, 53″ square

Summer Solstice completed top

Most of these were on my Q4 2017 Finish-a-long list, and although they aren’t done, at least they are closer to the finish line! Linking up to My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday.



  1. I love the quilts, especially the pumpkin!

    1. thank you, it’s going to be fun to have a seasonal quilt come October

  2. What a perfect personal retreat! All four quilt tops look like they were just waiting for the cottage to come together. Fun fun!!

    1. now I just have to get my current quilting project done and then I can pick one of these to do next!

  3. These quilts are so nice! My favorite is the weather vane. I love all the colors and patterns, it is a happy quilt.

    1. Thank you, that was exactly my intent, a bright and cheerful summery quilt!

  4. Well done. You were very productive. The pumpkin is cute.

    1. Thanks, I’m pleased to be closer to a finish!


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