Triangles of mystery

On Ringo Lake clue #4 has us making triangles (once again, note that this link will expire). Hmm, are we doing an on point setting or will we be coming back to add the other half of the square? I’m sewing along at 1/4 of the pieces which is very manageable, and I’ll wait to see if I want a bigger quilt once the design is revealed. See my previous posts for Clue #1, Clue #2, Clue #3.

Pieces for clue #4 On Ringo Lake

Saturday I cut out my pieces, using a group of teals, some of which I used in clue #1, and a mix of black and charcoal (not quite black) fabrics for the triangles. Sunday morning I set up my machine and threaded it. And then Sunday night I started making a few of the triangles. And then I was done!

It’s a busy time of year; we had 10 cm of snow on Friday so shoveled the driveway and walkways on Saturday in the sunshine. I know people who don’t get the snow and cold in their area might wonder how we get through it–my answer is to enjoy the sunshine whenever possible, and cocoon inside in front of a fire the rest of the time :).

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  1. No snow here yet. We had light flurries but it didn’t amount to anything. Stay warm!

  2. HI Lisa,

    So fun seeing everybody’s fabric selections. I just went with what Bonnie suggested. I’m chicken that way. I haven’t started clue #4 yet. Maybe this weekend!

    1. I’m sure your quilt will be lovely. Have a great weekend!


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