Step 2 On Ringo Lake

Yeah, well, I was away all weekend and although I took my sewing machine, I couldn’t take my entire stash (wait, I could have, but I had to make a hard decision). So today after returning home, I cut out the pieces for step 2 (note, this link will expire but you can download the pdf now if you want to keep it).

On Ringo Lake Clue#2

After reading the instructions, I was excited to think I could use my still-shiny Accuquilt Go, but after returning home I realized I didn’t have the correct die sizes for this clue. I’m actually a little confused about the value of this device at this point–to have to spend $30 to $50 for each die, or more for a set, in order to make a different size of block? I purchased the 8″ qube and 8″ companion sets, since their base unit size is 4″ finished.

So anyway, back to the fabric for this clue, I used the Fons and Porter flying geese ruler (because, duh, these are flying geese). If I go slow and pay attention to the seam allowance these should work out okay. I remember when I made Easy Street it had the same size of units, and I ended up using the 4-at-a-time flying geese method because I was having trouble with accuracy. My pieces from clue #1 are here.

What are your tips for maintaining accuracy of flying geese? Anyone use the 4-at-a-time for this clue?

Linking up to Bonnie at Quiltville for the clue #2 linkup.



  1. I like your fabrics a lot! I used the four at a time method as I don’t have any of the rulers and dislike the stitch and flip method. I cut my background squares 1/8″ larger than the typical measurements for fast flying geese and don’t have any geese that are too small to use. I did have to trim all of them, but I would rather do that than end up with dozens of geese that are too small!

    1. That’s a good tip about starting with a slightly bigger square, thanks!


  2. Good luck with your flying geese. I use a flying geese ruler. I do like the four-at-a-time method.

    1. Right now I haven’t sewn even one. Busy planning for Christmas. Thanks for visiting!


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  3. Interested in your comment about your Accuquilt Go. I bought one a few years ago and I agree for run of the mill cutting for something like Bonnies new mystery, where you have no control over the size of blocks, you’d have to spend a fortune on dies to have everything. But I’ve found mine absolutely invaluable when I want to do blocks like half rectangle squares when they cut accurately and all those irritating corners get cut off. And because they are so accurate, piecing is a dream and best of all no trimming! Similarily with drunkards path blocks. I also invested in strip dies which I’ve used for cutting up scraps etc. Of course I guess the best thing would be to share dies within a local Quilt Guild. But back to Bonnies mystery one year I will join in but I will enjoy seeing yours as it develops.

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