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I’m finding it challenging to plan the quilting for each block in this sampler quilt. I’m trying to think of motifs I have seen, and I also want to use some unique stitching patterns in each block.

swoon corner detail

For the centre Swoon block, I started with straight line quilting in the centre star then added the paisley blossom in each blue diamond. One is backwards (left instead of right facing)–I’m not ripping it out. I did the straight line quilting in the background next, then the free motion wavy lines and bubbles to complement the pattern in the purple points — I really like how this turned out.

bubble quilting

Not everything I try is perfect, but if I’m taking the time to quilt this myself, I want to have fun with it. Even the 1-1/2″ wide borders around each 12″ block received a variety of quilting motifs. While quilting, I was re-watching Small Machine, Big Quilts, Better Results by Ann Peterson on Craftsy. One of my lightbulb moments was when she described how to plan quilting, moving from least to most dense across the quilt. What I had been doing was moving from block to block with each colour of thread, but changing threads more often so I can follow this density pattern is giving me much better results.

swirls and curlicues

I did use my featherweight on the weekend to finish off the piecing for my Halloween quilt, only 360 days early :). I have a couple of options for the border in my stash (the green shown here isn’t big enough) and I’ll aim to get it quilted next. This gave me a nice break from quilting.

Halloween QST quilt flimsy

My goal from two weeks ago was to quilt 3 blocks; I’m not really doing it block by block, but I should be able to get this section done this week so I can add on the rest of the batting and re-baste the other 2/5 of the quilt.

In other activities I took my daughter to the Toronto Zoo. The line for the panda viewing was only about 15 minutes, but since this one was sleeping we enjoyed watching the polar bear a lot more.

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  1. I did one quilt block by block. I enjoyed it, but it takes a lot longer than an all-over design. Maybe with practice it wouldn’t take so long. Or once I didn’t have to think so much about what to do next. I did mine all in one color, and that helped.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I love how you are quilting that purple block, with the wavy lines and bubbles. I looks really cool and it enhances the block without taking away from the fabric. What more would you want?! Ooh, I love the pumpkin top, especially the purple border. That and the fact that you are ready for next year is super! Every time I’ve seen a panda they’ve been asleep (nocturnal, I believe) so the polar bear would have gotten my vote to watch as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Your quilting looks great and I love the pumpkin!

  4. I really love the quilting on your swoon block, it looks wonderful! I also love that pumpkin quilt, and yay for an early finish for next Halloween! 😀 Thank you for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

  5. I have that class by Ann Peterson, I find her teaching so clear and helpful. Your quilting looks great. I haven’t free motioned a whole quilt yet, I stick to straight line – but one day!

  6. Your quilting looks great. The pumpkin is cute.

  7. That pumpkin is adorable.

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