Accumulation (Sunday Stash)

Craftsy had a great sale in August, and once I started my shopping cart accumulated a large amount. It started with the Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt, I have been desiring this pattern for a long time but it was a lot of money by itself–by purchasing the kit I also got 12 yards of fabric!
Butterfly quilt kit

I have to confess that as I write this, 8 weeks later, it’s still nicely wrapped up and may remain so for a while. There is a sew-along happening on instagram, but if you recall my finish-a-long post, I have too many other projects on the go right now so I am holding firm to not starting another one.

Then I decided to pick up the 1 yard Freespirit mystery box for potential binding and backing choices, working out to about $6/yd (Canadian). I’m pretty happy with these–the print on the far right is a bit cutesy for my normal, but not obnoxious (peacocks and palm trees), while some of the blenders, although lighter in colour, will work nicely with the rest of my stash, and the Denyse Schmidt plaid will be a perfect binding.
freespirit mystery box august 2017

I added a king-size batt of Warm and Natural, a charm pack of the Craftsy brand Lily and Loom (and got one free, so now I have two), two skeins of sock yarn, and a spool of thread will always come in handy.
craftsy august 2017

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some sewing to do. Linking up to Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.



  1. Funny how stuff in a cart is a magnet for more stuff!

    1. Because I might need it some day and essentially the shipping is already paid…


    2. Yep. I follow that logic.

  2. How do you like that Lily and Loom fabric? I saw some comments on Craftsy about it being poor quality. There were some return comments from someone at Craftsy saying they’d look into the quality control, but I didn’t want to chance it. (At least not if I have to pay… My last order they sent out a free Boundless charm pack though so even their charm pack handouts hasn’t given me any answers on that score!)

    1. I would describe the quality of the Lily and Loom fabric as “not high quality”. It is quite open weave, similar to the cheaper fabrics at Spotlight in NZ which I understand is somewhat similar to Joanns. Although I think the price is reflective of this, and I do like theprints I received.

    2. That’s fair enough… I don’t think everything has to be, say, Art Gallery quality, so long as you know what to expect!

    3. I haven’t used the lily and loom yet. I’m not making archival quilts, although I do try to keep to quilt shop quality fabric. The Craftsy wool has a really nice feel but I haven’t used it either.


    4. Yeah, I don’t think anything I make will last till the end of time, so I don’t worry too much about how things will stand up over time, but I also know that if the quality varies too wildly, a quilt can have sort of uneven wear damage over time. (My favourite quilt ever was one my mom made in the 70s, which I finally threw out in the early 2000s because so much of the fabric was just… rotted away, more or less. Still makes me sad if I think of it!)

  3. That’s a great quilt kit. I’ve never seen that before. Have fun when you finally break it open.

    1. Oh i expect I will!


  4. Love thatTula butterfly kit, and great haul of 1yard fabrics!

    1. I am all set for backing for a year or so now


  5. Great deals to hard to pass up! I understand about too many projects!

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