Quilting under my Needle

This past weekend I started the quilting on my sugar block club quilt. In the Craftsy classes by Ann Peterson, she advocates stitching in the ditch so I started with outlining the blocks and flying geese border with matching thread. The nice thing about this technique is that each block is easy to quilt separately. But not all the way around, because I am also experimenting with her technique of splitting the batting to reduce bulk.

choosing threads for the Sugar Club quilt

I am using a 90/14 Schmetz quilting needle, so far the tension is very good. I am using these threads as well as an off-white. Stay tuned!

I also want to finish my Halloween quilt, so I have set up the featherweight to piece them all together and not have to reset my big machine. Two projects at once? Isn’t that the minimum?
featherweight is out for piecing

So my two targets for the week are:

finish work on the Halloween quilt top (ETA, I don’t have enough units of the purple! I’ll get as far as I can)

-Finish quilting at least 3 blocks on the sugar block club quilt

Linking up to To-do Tuesday with Christine at Stitch All the Things and Let’s Bee Social with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.



  1. Hi Lisa,
    Such pretty fabrics you are working with! Hmm, I’ve not heard of splitting the batting before. I look forward to seeing these projects as they progress. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment!


  2. I am interested in the technique of splitting the batting! Sounds like something new!

    1. I’ll share some photos later when I’m ready to add the next piece of batting back.


  3. I liked one class on Craftsy by Ann Peterson, found it really helpful. I haven’t tried splitting batting yet but working up to it.

    1. Exactly, I could have possibly made this quilt without splitting the batting but I wanted to test the technique.


  4. Good luck with your projects. Two sewing machines on the go….great idea.

    1. I have been using the featherweight this week in stolen moments.. hope to get in some quilting on the weekend


  5. So much fun! I too have a Featherweight and have one project going on it, with another on my Janome that I don’t carry around.

    1. I just wish I had enough room to leave the featherweight out, but I have to put it away in order to do laundry lol.


  6. The fabrics are so pretty! I love the idea of having different sewing machines set up to work on multiple projects at the same time…and not have to changes settings/threads. Thank you for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!!

    1. I have made a lot of quilts with purple, it’s a hard colour to use sometimes. i finished one section of the quilting last night, just need to keep at it.


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