Flora and Fauna in my garden

My garden is what I call “cottage garden” style — flowers and vegetables and fruits all mixed up wherever they will fit.  A neverending battle against twitch grass and dandelions and other weeds the seeds of which blow in from neighbouring properties.  Fragrant milkweed and stargazer lilies right now are delightful, attracting insects.

Monarch caterpillars and butterflies enjoying the milkweed.

monarch caterpillar 1
 Monarch butterfly Side view

This guy surprised me, a quick google search of “hummingbird moth” gave me the hummingbird clearwing moth, not uncommon in Ontario apparently but I only ever remember seeing one just emerging from its pupa, captured with my phone camera as we arrived home, and gone by the time I grabbed my “real” camera from the house. He was beating his wings furiously as he sipped the nectar, just like a real hummingbird never resting.

hummingbird clearwing moth on stargazer lily

We had purchased / adopted frog tadpoles over the years, we have 6 or 7 mature green frogs now. They were quite vocal earlier in the summer (their croak is described as a banjo pluck “boing”). Really interesting how much reflection the camera picks up compared to looking at this big guy with the naked eye.

Green frog

I hope you have some time to slow down and visit with some garden residents this weekend.


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