Just keep sewing 

Lest you think I am some sort of super mom, I thought I would share a few tricks that help me keep my sewing progressing even in the summer.  None of these are amazingly unique.

1.  Laundry is my biggest secret.  I do the laundry, which is where all my sewing items are, so every time I throw in a load I spend a few minutes doing something quilting related.

2. Something is always ready.  See #1.  Adding a few minutes to pin blocks while my daughter is brushing teeth, or iron a set of piecing, means I’m ready for my next sewing opportunity.  Along the same vein, if I finish a particular project, I change the needle and thread before I leave the machine so it’s ready for the next one. (Ps. The laundry /sewing room is on the second floor next to the bedrooms).

3.  Handwork.  I like to have a handwork project, often knitting, ready to go.

Speaking of which, here is my most recent finish, my orange socks started about a year and a half ago.  At one point I was only working on them while my daughter was on swimming lessons.  A made up simple pattern with a short row toe and heel in a slippery hand dyed bamboo yarn.  This was on my Q3 Finish a Long list. I made enough mistakes betwrem #1  and #2 that they’re not identical.  So be it.

Linking up to Main Crush Monday with Cooking Up Quilts.


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