Summer Sampler – Moving along

I love paper piecing. That being said, I’ve been having a hard time starting the paper-pieced stars for the summer sampler because I need to change my needle. Silly, isn’t it. Let me tell you about how I chose the colors for these blocks.

For week 3 I didn’t actually use my color theory but instead thought about that the values. Gold for the ring to make it stand out and grey and white for a two-tone effect in the center. I was also happy to be able to use blue– I’m a little worried about having contrast between the medium blue and the dark blue background when I use it but honestly, I don’t think I need to worry about it.

Celestial Star

Celestial Star

Week four the Rosetta Star, with a name like that I knew I needed to use a text fabric in the middle so this Madrona Road memoir is the perfect choice.

colour choices for fourth block Rosetta Star

Rosetta Star

Rosetta Star

For week five I went with the straight analogous color scheme in in warm colors.. I like how it turned out. For week six I think I’ll use a analogous color scheme in cool colors. This one is in progress..I hope I can catch up soon!

Alchemy Star

Alchemy star

Week 6 Marine Star

Marine star (to be)

What are you sewing at the moment? Do you like to play with each block or would you rather have your colours planned out ahead of time?



  1. Nice work. I’m a rookie at paper piecing and still find it quite awkward, though not difficult.

    To check your values, use the black and white setting on your photos. It will show up where there are good value differences, and also show where the color or saturation fooled you, and there is no value contrast! When I look at your top photo in B&W, I see nice value contrast between the 2 outside blues, and between the white and grey. But there’s very little value contrast between the gold and the 2 fabrics just inside it, and not much between the gold and the paler blue outside it. BUT there is a lot of contrast on the whole, and the color contrasts still make the block interesting. I think it’s very pretty.

    1. I realize you’re right, it wasn’t really the values I was going with for the gold and blue but rather the way warm colours will advance and cool colours recede. Off the top of my head, I don’t know what that is called.

      The celestial star is definitely my favourite block so far, I can say that for certain.


    2. Oh, and don’t get me wrong. I think it’s very pretty, very effective. Good work.

  2. Your blocks just keep getting better. Great job.

    1. Thank you! If I get week 8 done before Monday I’ll be all caught up!


  3. Really like that Celestial Star! I am intoI improv right now just because I’m limited to one bag of scraps at the moment! My normal method is to have a plan so this is new to me.

  4. Your blocks are awesome.

    1. Thank you! It’s a really fun task for a summer evening, as always my challenge will be to keep going and get it finished. Perhaps by Christmas? I think my sister would like it.

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