Fun at Quilt Canada

It is wonderful to see the different quilts on display and find my favourites.   Here are a few and you can see the rest of my album at this link.  Click on the picture to go to my flickr page, where you will also find the label.

Blossoming Jubilee

Blossoming Jubilee.  I liked the asymmetric angled layout and the quilting detail.

Simply Eden quilting detail

Simply Eden.  Wonderful attention to detail in the quilting and gorgeous fabrics

Modern Values, Fields of Gold

I like the ombre effect.  I’m not usually a fan of straight line quilting but it really suits this quilt.

I also took a class, selecting “Straight Line Strategy” to add to my quilting repertoire.  Some of the initial teaching was very basic, although I did learn a few tricks, but I was disappointed because she seemed  to run out of time to complete her teaching in the afternoon on the more advanced techniques, after having a fairly leisurely morning.

I think next time I’ll go back to spending my workshop money on fabric instead.  In case you’re wondering, I did spend a little money on fabric, picking up 3 1-yard cuts, and 1 3-yard cut (Amy Butler), as well as 2 spools of Aurifil thread.

 Quilt Canada haul



  1. Sounds like it was a great time. Sorry you were disappointed with the class.

    1. It was great to be able to sew all day, and the teacher was really funny, but there is room for improvement.


  2. How disappointing, the thing you wanted being the thing that got shorted! I think instructors should make the level of the class clear and then not cater to those who fall outside the parameters! meanwhile the quilting on the top two is impressive.

    1. I think there will always be a mix of levels of experiences and that is difficult for any teacher to deal with, I am glad to add straight line quilting to my repertoire but I’m going to have to do more of the class on my own than I expected.


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