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finished purse up

The result is this cute purse in Tulsa Pink Slow and Steady fabrics. The story goes like this:
Mom: Let’s do a craft.
Daughter: I want to make a purse just like yours.
(Diversion attempts follow. Then I found her attempting to search purse patterns on the internet. So I explained that I own a copy of the Noodlehead 241 Tote pattern and print it out for her. )
Mom: What colour do you want the main section of the purse to be?
Daughter: Blue!
(well, it turns out she had a very specific vision, and the more colours the better, although pink needed to feature as well. I suggested the snail print, and she enthusiastically agreed. Just before I put her to bed, I asked her to pick out a colour for the strap. With no hesitation, the answer was lime green–so it was natural to pick the only other print from Slow and Steady which I own.)

When I didn’t have it finished by morning, I had to explain to her that I had another project on the go, and anyway my machine was set up for quilting.
Daughter: I’ll use my machine!(aka Adelaide my featherweight. I was worried, but that little machine powered through all the seams, even when sewing the strap to the body.)

making the pocket

My daughter did really well with all of the flat sewing. She made a few mistakes requiring stitch removal–she tried sewing the side panels by herself and sewed right across the middle of the main fabric panel.   With really small stitches.  With me prepping the pieces after she went to bed, the next evening she was able to spend a few minutes working on It, with amazing attention and patience for a seven year old.

finished purse

She loves it, which is too bad, else I might steal it…




  1. Jannette Binder · ·

    I LOVE when our kids enjoy doing the same crafts that we do! My kids got exposed to several of my crafts while they were growing up – and now DD#1 enjoys knitting and counted cross-stitching, and DD#2 quilts and sews things for her boys. Jannette


    1. I try to be very relaxed about teaching her, sometimes she is going to make mistakes but that’s part of learning! One issue we had with this purse was backstitching (or lack thereof)–very important to reinforce stitches! so a couple of times I had her put the piece back in the machine to add the backstitching.

      On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 12:51 PM, Lisa in Port Hope wrote:


  2. Yay! It’s super cute. She has good taste!

  3. […] the Slow and Steady fabric. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of the blue left after making her purse, but when I was at Quilt Canada I picked up a one yard cut of the pink. Then last week I suddenly […]

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