A Shiny Lunchbag

I have wanted to make my own lunchbag for a while, and I finally purchased some Insulbrite, so when I supposed to be doing something else (hey look, something shiny!) I printed out the pattern by my friend Sherri (3 years since this was published, really?!) and got to work. I used sew-in interfacing to stiffen it, added a side pocket for change and a coffee loyalty card, and picked out a colourful Anna Maria Horner fabrics for the outside of the bag. For the inside, I used laminated cotton–it was not too difficult to sew with and I’m really pleased with how it has held up, after now a month of use.

vinyl inside

Instead of following the directions exactly (because I like to make things difficult for myself), I added a zipper carrier, which also meant I didn’t have to try to topstitch the laminated cotton. However I did have to finagle the ends of the zipper and cheat a bit when I put the whole bag together. I also didn’t zigzag the handle opening as recommended, and now I know why the zigzag is recommended, to disguise the unevenness of the facing.

zipper carrier
showing outside pocket

It works perfectly well, which is what is most important.

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  1. Beth T. · ·

    Wow–that is so darned cute! good for you, chasing that squirrel. 😉

    1. Thanks, and now my daughter wants one like it!



  2. Yay! 3 years really? Crazy! And you figured out my zigzag cheat, lol. Works well to hide my facing lines, I’m not good at them 🙂 Glad it’s working for you! Love the AMH as usual. The ones I made my kids are still going and keeping everything cold, good review for the insulbrite!

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