New Hand Stitching

I hand quilted My Very First Quilt, because I decided that since I was learning this craft, I should learn it in a traditional way. I hand quilted my Modern Butterfly quilt as a take-along project. When I finished the top for this Starbright quilt, I decided that the quilt was so vibrant already that I wanted to make the quilting simple, and that hand quilting would be the way to go. But I held off starting this until my previous project was finished.

cottage stitching

So in planning for our long weekend away at our shared ownership cottage in Haliburton, I made sure to get this quilt basted and ready to bring. I am using Aurifil 12 weight in 2915 (very light brass), for the stars, and Aurifil 50 weight in 2900 (light sand) for the low volume diamonds in between the stars.

12 weight aurifil stitching detail

I don’t quilt very fast, because I often stop to think, or talk to my husband, or check out Instagram for other #saturdaynightcraftalong posts. I’ll be working on this quilt for awhile yet, which is okay.

Linking up to other slow stitchers with Kathy for Slow Stitching Sunday.


  1. Love your quilt. I’m hand quilting one that is very similar (Candied Hexagons) and totally enjoying every minute of it. Like you, I’m not the fastest quilter, but as the years have gone by I have become much more comfortable with that. It’s the process and the enjoyment of it that are important, not the speed. It’s not a race.

  2. Beautiful quilt and stitches. It’s OK to take it slow and enjoy the journey. 🙂

  3. This is a lovely project for hand quilting on a summer day!

  4. You and I have similar quilting habits – anything that can interrupt usually does. And it IS okay. The pleasure is in the doing. Glad to find you at Slow Stitching. 😊

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