Too Many WIP

The warmer weather meant removing the old duvet (poly filled storebought) from our bed and exchanging it for a lighter combination of blanket and crocheted cover (which I call an afghan).  Which of course reminded me of the quilt I started at Glamp Stitchalot in 2015 intended for our king-size bed.  With a few evenings of effort I finished the Alison Glass designed broken arrow blocks for the next row and started the improv steps row designed by Tula Pink.

improv steps

These rows will bring the quilt to 60″ square and will be anchored by 12″ blocks in each corner. Here is my sketch of the layout. Next, I plan on two additional rows to bring it to 84″ square followed by borders.   I hope I get it done before winter!

Glamp stitchalot quilt layout

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  1. Nice WIPs! Keep stitching away!

    1. Thank you! If I only kept to one project at a time…


  2. I saw your lead picture, and thought, “Hmm, didn’t Lisa do one like that before?” 😉 Yes, we are all in the depths of pulling out forgotten loves, and sprucing/fixing/adding to them to make them worthy. I won’t go so far as to say I’m finishing mine, but I am affording them time and attention. The only problem with these stories is the build up of tops that soon need quilted. And we know it’s the same old story in that line. The best of luck. This was one that really caught my eye. You say it’s been 2 years? Shocking!

    1. Gosh, I wish it were even my oldest wip, but it is merely the one i am currently focused on.


  3. I know the feeling of too many WIPs. =) Still we’ll get there – step by step.

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